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Full page ad in The NYTimes

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    A goodly number of Jewish scholars (soi-di sant) have a full page ad in The Times, today (10 Sept. 2000). In it they aassert that Chrisitanity has changed
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      A goodly number of Jewish scholars (soi-di sant) have a full page ad in The
      Times, today (10 Sept. 2000). In it they aassert that "Chrisitanity has
      changed dramatically. An increasing number of official Church bodies, both
      Roman catholic and Protstant, have made public statement of their remorse
      about Christian mistreatment of Jews and Judaism. "Catholics and
      Protestants," does not include us, but then, evidently, they don't know
      about us. The committee establishes principles which should govern the
      relations between Christians and Jews.

      Their principles are as follows:

      Jews and Christians worship the same God.
      Jews and Christians seek authority fromt he same book--the Bible (what Jews
      call "Tanakh" and Christians call the "Old Testament).
      Christians can respect the calim of the Jewish people upon the land of Israel.
      Jews and Christians accept the moral principles of Torah.
      Nazism was not a Christian phenomenon.
      The humanly irreconcilable difference between Jews and Christians will not be
      settled until God redeems the entire world, as promised in Scripture.
      A new relationship between Jews and Christians will not weaken Jewish
      Jews and Christians must work together for peace.


      That's it.

      I want to make the following comments:

      (1) We cannot have the same God, since Christians believe that Christ is

      (2. a)Seventy-five percent of world Jewry is Ashkenazic; they are descended
      from a Turko-Finnish people, the Khazars, who converted to Judaism in about
      A.D. 780. They are more related to Hungarians than to Jews.

      (2.b)They are not the descendants of Abraham, yet they are the ones who have
      stolen Palestine from Abraham's descendants, the Arabs. Moreover, and this,
      too, is morally unconscionable: Sephardic Jews (ethnic Jews) are treated as
      second class citizens, by the Ashkenazim, in Palestine.

      (3) Only approximately 20 percent of world Jewry is observant. If Jewish
      practice of religion were to get much weaker, it might simply cease to exist.

      Father Andrew L. J. James, Ph.D.
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