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    Michael Ignatieff s article Blood Money, in the book review section (Sunday 10 Sept.) says: Yet the past, however painful, must be faced, and wrongs
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2000
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      Michael Ignatieff's article "Blood Money," in the book review section (Sunday
      10 Sept.) says: "Yet the past, however painful, must be faced, and wrongs
      paid for."

      My great, great, great, great grandparents Guillaume and Agnes Dessot Duduit
      came to Gallipolis, OH, on the 19th of Oct., 1790. They fled la France to
      escape the Revolution. That, alone, was a "crime" punishable by death.

      The day after the people murdered King Louis XVI, the Committee of Public
      Safety condemned my ancestors to death, in absentia. The decree said those
      who had fled (which included the king's aunts) "have no inheritance in
      France," and, "must never return, until penalty of death."

      Under the 14th Amendment, since Cuban-Americans are suing the Canadian
      government for doing business with Cuba, using property expropriated from
      Cuban-Americans, can my family not sue La France? We would only need the
      property and titles back, together with interest over the last 210 years.
      However, we should also seek compensation for the public humiliation and
      execution of my great grandparents, the Dessots, who were beheaded as
      "enemies of the people."

      We call "wrongful death."

      I estimate the amount France owes my family would run roughly to as much as
      the French national debt.

      Are there any lawyers out there who are interested?!

      The Rev. Dr. Laurence J. James
      583 E. Cols. St., Cols., OH 43206-2301 (614) 445-7930
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