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Re: [orthodox-synod] Prayer request

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  • LJames6034@aol.com
    I, myself, am wont to pray for my ancestors. I don t take time to name them. I would get nothing else done. Such naming would be analogous to calling
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 9, 2000
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      I, myself, am wont to pray "for my ancestors." I don't take time to name
      them. I would get nothing else done. Such naming would be analogous to
      calling upon all the Hindu gods, by name!

      Why, I even ask God to be good to "my granny." She has been dead, since
      1949 Yes, it is significant that I know the exact year. I don't name her.
      I expect God knows her. Her given name was Mary Elizabeth. Hence, my
      daughters names are: "Elizabeth Anne," and "Alexandra Marie." Both were
      named for the one person I knew, when I was a child, who actually, honest to
      God, loved me!

      My only begotten son is Ian Andrew Stephen James. He was called "Andrew,"
      after Mary Elizabeth's huband. That Andrew James died, before I was born.

      In my own personal prayers, I try to remember to pray "for that person who
      most needs our prayers." and "all those who have asked me to pray for them,"
      as well as "for all those for whom I ought to pray." I sometimes cannot
      rmember all those names, either.

      Since there are a great many of us, imagine the wretched state of that one
      who "most needs our prayers"!

      During the Liturgy, we pray for a great many only by category: "The
      faithful," "Those absent from us," etc.

      Indeed, dear hearts, "we Orthodox" (as over against those who are not
      orthodox--or those who think they are, but fall short of the goal, or those
      who may be kinder and gentler, and have a larger vision of humanity, yet
      never heard of the Orthodox Church) continually pray for those who need our
      prayers, even if we do not know their names.

      If it weren't for tunnel vision, some who call themselves "Orthodox" would
      have no vision at all.

      Father Andrew
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