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Cardinal Ratzinger

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  • LJames6034@aol.com
    Sunday s paper (The Columbus Dispatch, which wouldn t make this up!) said Cardinal Ratzinger believes the Roman Church is the Mother of Churches, that
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2000
      Sunday's paper (The Columbus Dispatch, which wouldn't make this up!) said
      Cardinal Ratzinger believes the Roman Church is "the Mother of Churches,"
      that neither the Orthodox nor the Protestants are "sister churches."

      We can at least agree on that last part. The Roman Church is not and cannot
      be a "sister church" to any other. It's that Mother part that worries one.
      Can it be the cardinal has never read Acts 11:26?

      Certainly, the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of New York and All
      North America has! It appears at the bottow of virtually all mail from them.
      Acts 11:26 says: ". . . the disciples were first called Christians at

      How then is Rome the Mother?

      How can the cardinal make such statements, unless they are, in fact, the
      exact opinion of the present pope. This, notwithstanding the "two lungs"
      theory he has developed, and some "Orthodox" repeat.

      It is my judgement that Cardinal Ratzinger merely mouths exactly what the
      Roman Church has always believed about itself. That he makes these
      statements in apparent contradistinction to the present pope, and does so as
      an official of the Vatican, should be a sign to us all.

      Father Andrew L. J. James
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