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Re: "Divine Sovereignty" of Jerusalem

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  • Michael Coleman
    On the issue of Rdr. Constantine s fwd d news article, I have a couple of thoughts: 1. Yes, I agree, that it s scary. However, ... 2. It would appear that
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2000
      On the issue of Rdr. Constantine's fwd'd news article,
      I have a couple of thoughts:

      1. Yes, I agree, that it's scary.

      However, ...

      2. It would appear that the *intent* of this
      "declaration", at least on the face of it, is meant to
      redirect the emotional energies of the sides involved
      upward, to an ostensibly more universal, less partisan
      direction. In other words, if we can all agree that
      Jerusalem belongs to God, then maybe we won't see it
      as "our own" possession, but as one which we all enjoy
      as stewards of "God's" city. [This is the completely
      positive/benefit of the doubt viewpoint.]

      3. I am somewhat troubled by the conspicuous absence
      of any mention of Christian organizations or interest
      in the Holy Sites. Only Jewish and Muslim interests
      are discussed. This, to me, is another example of the
      ongoing marginalization of Christian thoughts, ideas,
      interests and peoples in the greater "globalized"
      context. It's curious that with 900 million Roman
      Catholics, 225-300 million Orthodox, and many other
      Christian denominations in the world, combined with
      the long history of Christian presence in the Holy
      Land, that we are not even mentioned.

      We will continually be marginalized to a greater exent
      in various Western societies until it becomes socially
      acceptable to persecute us outright.

      4. I agree with the proposition that the Antichrist
      (who will be a Jew and universally acclaimed by the
      Jewish race as their messiah) will exploit this
      potential "declaration," just as he will exploit all
      those aspects of society (U.N., democratic gov't,
      Communism, Capitalism, ecumenism, sexual liberalism,
      etc) which have, and are, preparing the hearts, minds,
      and governments of those in the West. This
      declaration considered in context of the above, should
      not be overestimated as to its potential for injury.
      Rather it is simply one more seemingly logical (and
      possibly inevitable) step towards the global
      governance sought by the internationalists in our

      True enough, it is later than we think .... pray for
      me, all.

      Michael Coleman
      Layman, Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church,
      Santa Barbara, CA

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