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Between Two Ecumenisms

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  • Rev. John R. Shaw
    The bulletin speaks of common prayer , which can mean many things, including we have all been praying . This has become a standard expression, and by istelf
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 3, 2000
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      The bulletin speaks of "common prayer", which can mean many
      things, including "we have all been praying". This has become a standard
      expression, and by istelf cannot be used to make a case. I'm sure that if
      the 1927 gathering I spoke of had been asked, they would not have
      neglected to speak of such prayer--even if neither case involved any
      common *public services*. Nor is thee any reference that I spotted to
      "Orthodox churches being used" for heretical services.

      The statement from Patrirach Pavle is a translation of a
      translation: it was written in Serbian, then translated into Russian by
      those involved in the production of the MP newsletter; then into English,
      I believe, by Olga Mitrenina or Vlaimir Moss, and circulated by them and
      others, all of whom are eager to put an end to the friendly relations
      between ROCOR and the Serbs--though for various reasons.

      Thus we are caught between two ecumenisms: on the one hand, the
      Western ecumenical movement, generated originally by the Anglicans; and
      the other "ecumenism" that unites various and sundry people who try to
      keep the Orthodox faighting amongst themselves. The one ecumenism claims
      that nothing matters except being together; the other, that nothing
      matters except keeping others apart.

      To be Orthodox, it is not enough to be defined by what we hate: we
      must be defined by what we love.
      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
      > The bullitin reports not just "talks", but also engaging in "common
      > prayers." I don't know what specifically common prayers are--surely, they
      > didn't liturgize together -- but is even a little prayer with each other, being
      > the highest ranking members of their respective churches, a bit unwise...unless
      > they're trying to send a message of an ecumenical undertone?
      > Besides, apparantly Patriarch Pavle thinks we are "anti-canonical" and
      > worthy of "condemnation" according to Olga's posting of the Moscow Pat. news.
      > When are all the moderates on the list going to wake up? We are not
      > schismatics, but the "world Orthodox" are doing their best to make us obsolete
      > and meaningless. I'm willing to give the Serbs some benefit of the doubt, for
      > the sake of brotherly love, but it seems that they now don't really care about
      > "schismatic" ROCOR. What's your opinion anyone out there?
      > I think if we really have principle and stand for the Holy Traditions and
      > canons of the Church, we will have to accept being outcasts "worthy of
      > condemnation" by the Serbs and all the other Ecumenists. Hopefully, our old
      > calendar Church will grow and unite with the other true Orthodox left
      > Regarding baptism, people can defend the Chrismation only approach all
      > they want, and put a negative Panteleimonite slant to those of us who are
      > pro-baptism only, but no matter how you slice it, the Church has always viewed
      > triple immersion/Orthodox baptism as the only baptism and the normal way to
      > enter the Church. Pouring was used in extreme cases of sickness (clinic
      > baptism), but was corrected if the ill person lived. What became economia
      > should not be viewed as a variation of the norm. I am not saying that Orthodox
      > who came in Chrismated only are not Orthodox, please understand that. But,
      > what a loss for never having been baptised! St. John Chrysostom wrote a whole
      > treatise on it and describes it as "enlightenment"! Again, I see a trend with
      > the priests who were never baptised to not encourage baptism with converts. I
      > can't imagine the spiritual responsibility for this approach.
      > Nectarios Manzanero
      > St. John Maxivotich Mission, Austin, TX
      > --
      > Sincerely, An iPhone User
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    • TeklaI@aol.com
      I was trying to get the address for the mission in Austin,TX, but couldn t access it for some reason (technical). Could you e-mail me the address of the St.
      Message 2 of 4 , Aug 8, 2000
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        I was trying to get the address for the mission in Austin,TX, but couldn't
        access it for some reason (technical). Could you e-mail me the address of the
        St. John Maximovich mission, please?

      • Priest Seraphim Holland
        ... AUSTIN St. John Maximovitch Orthodox Mission Location: 6901 N. Lamar, Suite 111, Austin, TX, 78752 Mailing Address 4111 Everest Lane, Austin 78727 URL:
        Message 3 of 4 , Sep 14, 2000
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          > I was trying to get the address for the mission in Austin,TX, but couldn't
          > access it for some reason (technical). Could you e-mail me the address of the
          > St. John Maximovich mission, please?


          St. John Maximovitch Orthodox Mission

          Location: 6901 N. Lamar, Suite 111, Austin, TX, 78752
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