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New List: OrthoTech for Technical People

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  • Dr. Elizabeth W. Riggs
    Dear in Christ All, Andreas O Dell and I have developed and implemented a new e- mail group called OrthoTech. It is a networking newsgroup/list for Orthodox
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2000
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      Dear in Christ All,

      Andreas O'Dell and I have developed and implemented a new e-
      mail group called OrthoTech. It is a "networking" newsgroup/list for
      Orthodox Christians employed in technical occupations. Those
      occupations may include, but not be limited to: programmers,
      systems analysts, security specialist, engineers, doctors, nurses,
      scientists, and professors/educators in those fields. Membership is
      open - anyone can sign on - but we would like you to register your
      "real" name with e-groups.

      This newsgroup is a brainchild of an idea that has developed from
      correspondence with other Orthodox Christians who are employed
      in technical fiels, and would like to have a separate group for
      networking. Discussions would include technical job information,
      offers, requirements of various degrees and types, and would be
      limited in scope to technical work issues.

      I would like to personally invite any and all of you who work in
      technical fields mentioned above to join this list. The links at the top
      and bottom of this mesage will take you to the OrthoTech
      subscription site.

      Thank you very much, your most unworthy servants,
      O anaxios,


      Elizabeth Riggs, the Sinner
      and Perennial Student
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