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The meeting of the RC/Orthodox

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  • LJames6034@aol.com
    In the past few days, a meeting between representatives of the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Church started, in Maryland. Among those representing the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 10, 2000
      In the past few days, a meeting between representatives of the Roman Catholic
      and the Orthodox Church started, in Maryland. Among those representing the
      Orthodox is: Father Robert Stephanopoulos.

      I do not mean to alarm you, but the following story is true.

      Years ago, I was giving a talk at the Greek Orthodox church in the
      Akron/Canton, Ohio, area.

      After my talk, I spoke with Father Robert's only daughter, Anastasia (now
      Sister Maria, who is defending ROCA property in Palestine).

      "Why does your father dislike me?" I asked. "He doesn't really know me. He
      has no reason to like or dislike me."

      "It's because he is an ecumanic, Father," she said, "and you are not."

      OK. I can live with that.

      That was her opinion. I am just passing it on. And, this is the man whom
      the papers say is "representing the Orthodox Church"? He is quoted as
      saying that the meeting, in and of itself, is "significant."

      Let us pray that another St. Mark of Ephesus will arise out of that meeting.
      If the grace of God can make the lame walk, and the blind see, surely it is
      sufficient to make Greeks Orthodox?

      Father Andrew (L. J. James, Ph.D.)
    • Basil
      [Excerpts from a letter of Father Justin Popovic to the Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, published in Orthodoxos Typos, June 1, 1975] Your
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 10, 2000
        [Excerpts from a letter of Father Justin Popovic to the Synod of Bishops of
        the Serbian Orthodox Church, published in Orthodoxos Typos, June 1, 1975]

        Your Holiness and Fathers of the Synod, How long shall we continue
        desecrating our holy Orthodoxy and our Church of Saint Sava by our pitiful
        and horrifying stance towards ecumenism and the World Council of Churches,
        which directly opposes Holy Tradition? The stance of the Orthodox Church in
        relation to heretics---i.e., to all those who are not Orthodox---was
        established once and for all time by the holy Apostles and the holy Fathers,
        i.e., by divinely inspired Tradition, uniform and unchangeable. In
        accordance with this stance, Orthodox are forbidden to participate in any
        form of common prayer or liturgical services with heretics. 'For what has
        righteousness to do with lawlessness? Or what fellowship does light have
        with darkness? What do Christ and Satan have in common? Or what does a
        believer have to do with an unbeliever?' (2 Cor. 6:14-15).

        [Father Justin then cites the Holy Canons of the Orthodox Church which
        forbid Orthodox to participate in ecumenical services and forbid them to
        receive the blessing of heretics. For example: "Let any Bishop, Priest, or
        Deacon that merely joins in prayer with heretics be suspended, but if he has
        permitted them to perform any service as clergymen, let him be deposed"
        (Canon 45 of the Holy Apostles; see also the 32nd Canon of the Council of

        And do heretics not give blessings at those ecumenical gatherings and joint
        services?---Roman Catholic bishops, priests, Protestant ministers, and even
        female clergy! These canons of the holy Apostles and Fathers which have been
        cited have great value even today, and not just in ancient times; they
        remain unconditionally binding for all of us contemporary Orthodox
        Christians. They are unconditionally binding in our stance toward Roman
        Catholics and Protestants. For Roman Catholicism is a many-sided heresy, and
        the heresies of Protestantism are too numerable to mention … Did not St.
        Sava, seven and a half centuries ago, already speak of 'the Latin heresy'?
        And how many new heresies has the Pope invented since then, and made them
        dogma with his 'infallibility.' It is absolutely certain that Roman
        Catholicism became the pan-heresy with its dogma of papal infallibility. And
        the celebrated Second Vatican Council did not repudiate this monstrous
        heresy. On the contrary, it made it even firmer. Therefore, if we Orthodox
        wish to remain Orthodox, it is our duty to maintain the stance of St. Sava,
        St. Mark of Ephesus, St. Cosmos of Aitolia, St. John of Kronstadt, and the
        other holy confessors, martyrs and new-martyrs of the Orthodox Church, in
        relation to Roman Catholics and Protestants, among whom no one professes the
        Orthodox belief in two fundamental Christian doctrines, i.e., in the Holy
        Trinity and in the Church.… Every true Orthodox Christian, who is instructed
        under the guidance of the holy Fathers, is overcome with shame when he reads
        that the Orthodox members of the Fifth Pan-Orthodox Conference in Geneva …,
        on the question of the participation of the Orthodox in the work of the
        World Council of Churches, considered it necessary 'to declare that the
        Orthodox Church considers itself to be an organic part of the World Council
        of Churches.' This assertion is apocalyptically horrifying in its
        un-orthodoxy and anti-orthodoxy. Was it necessary for the Orthodox Church,
        that most holy Body of the God-Man Christ, to become so debased to such a
        pitiful degree that its theological representatives---some of whom were
        Serbian bishops---have begun to beg for 'organic' participation and
        membership in the World Council of Churches, which will supposedly become a
        new 'Body' and a new 'Church', which will stand above all other churches, in
        which the Orthodox Church and the non-orthodox churches will appear only as
        parts. God forbid! Never before has there been such a betrayal and
        abandonment of our holy Faith! We are renouncing the Orthodox Faith of the
        God-Man Christ, and organic ties with the God-Man and His Most Holy Body: we
        are repudiating the Orthodox Church of the holy apostles, the Fathers, and
        the Ecumenical Councils---and we wish to become 'organic members' of a
        heretical, humanistic, humanized and man-worshiping club, which consists of
        263 heresies---every one of which is a spiritual death. As Orthodox
        Christians we are 'members of Christ.' 'Shall I therefore take the members
        of Christ and make them members of a prostitute?' (1 Cor. 6:15). We are
        doing this by our organic union with the World Council of Churches, which is
        nothing other than the rebirth of atheistic man, of pagan idolatry. The time
        has finally come for the patristic Orthodox Church of Saint Sava, the Church
        of the holy Apostles and Fathers, of the holy confessors, martyrs and
        new-martyrs, to stop mingling ecclesiastically and hierarchically with the
        so-called 'World Council of Churches,' and to cast off forever any
        participation in joint prayer or services, and to renounce general
        participation in any ecclesiastical dealings whatsoever, which are not
        self-contained and do not express the unique and unchangeable character of
        the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church---the Orthodox Church---the
        only true Church that has ever existed.
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