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Update -- Fr. George Lardas

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  • Mark & Janet Lardas + Family
    Numerous inquiries (both on and off the lists) have come in to us about the automobile accident that Fr. George Lardas and his family were involved in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2000
      Numerous inquiries (both on and off the lists) have come in to us about the
      automobile accident that Fr. George Lardas and his family were involved in
      yesterday. Because many of the questions are similar, I hope you will
      forgive us for posting a response to the lists, in lieu of individual

      1. Fr. George is Menas Lardas's brother. Fr. George and family had been
      staying in Ann Arbor, with Fr. George's parents while traveling to

      2. The accident occured in Windsor, Ontario. It occurred as they were
      driving from Fr. George's parents' house to Connecticut, where Fr. George
      is moving. This is a foreign country, which has complicated matters,
      however Matuska Anne reported that the Canadian police official have been
      tremendously helpful in clearing up problems. (Including transporting
      three of their children across an international boundry without their
      parent or identification papers.)

      3. Fr. George and the children -- except Nicholas are with their
      grandparents in Ann Arbor, MI (Fr. George's parents). Mat. Anne is still
      in Windsor with Nicholas, who was held for observation. All will probably
      rest a few days in Ann Arbor.

      4. The car is scrap metal. It was destroyed. Considering what could have
      happened, no one is complaining. Fr. George and his father went to the
      wreck site on Tuesday and recovered possessions.

      6. Nicholas will be released June 7. I suspect that the main reason why
      they kept him in the hospital was that they had to sedate him in order to
      remove glass from his eyes. No lingering damage is expected, however Mat.
      Anna said something about the accident contributing to Nick's having rugged
      good looks.

      Generally doctors prefer holding a patient who is at risk of concussion in
      the hospital if any anesthesia is administered. (It is difficult to tell
      whether grogginess is due to anesthesia or concussion once a sedative is

      7. My parents and younger brother report that the family looks like they
      got into a fistfight with a van and lost. Fortunately the injuries are
      more spectacular in appearance than dangerous.

      8. If anyone has access to the Windsor Star for Tuesday June 6, please
      contact us. It had an article about the accident, but was only summarized
      in the online edition of the paper. I know my niece and nephews, and feel
      pretty sure they are going to want a copy of their appearance in the

      The messages that folks asked us to forward to Fr. George & family have
      been sent to Fr. George's parents.

      Menas & Helena Lardas

      Mark & Janet Lardas + Family
      Palestine, TX
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