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Re: [orthodox-synod] Prayer Request

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  • Robert Miller
    Thanks be to God that the injuries weren t even more serious. Please tell them of our prayers for them, especially to St Nicholas. Joseph Miller ... From:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 5, 2000
      Thanks be to God that the injuries weren't even more serious. Please tell
      them of our prayers for them, especially to St Nicholas.

      Joseph Miller

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      Subject: [orthodox-synod] Prayer Request

      > Fr. George Lardas and his family were in a traffic accident today.
      > Matushka Anne has asked us to pass on a prayer request.
      > While the collision was severe enough to require one member of the family
      > to be cut out of the wreck, all were spared major injury. Cuts, scrapes,
      > and bruises seem to be the extent of the injuries (although I have been
      > told by Matushka Anne that some of the scrapes and bruises are pretty
      > spectacular).
      > All except Fr. George's oldest son, Nicholas were released from the
      > hospital shortly after the accident. Nicholas received some severe
      > lacerations and glass shards in his eyes. While he can see, the doctors
      > chose to keep him in the hospital overnight for observation.
      > The accident occured when a van being towed by another vehicle broke the
      > tow, careened across the expressway, crossed the median, and broadsided
      > Lardas car. The relative speeds of the two vehicles at the time of impact
      > was probably between 80 and 110 mph. It could have easily been much
      > A trucker witnessing the accident said that Matushka Anne (driving at
      > time) reacted perfectly, mitigating the effects of the crash. All the
      > occupants were wearing seatbelts, and the car absorbed most of the impact.
      > A further mercy was provided by the presence of an ambulance, which had
      > been behind the car. While it was transporting, and not fitted with a
      > crash kit, it did contain a complement of EMTs who were able to provide
      > assistance virtually as soon as the cars came to a stop.
      > Matushka Anne has asked for prayers -- both in thanks of their deliverance
      > and for Nicholas's complete recovery. Our family would add our second to
      > that request. For the members of the Orthodox women's list, forgive a
      > instrusion into your company. Helena asked me to write the request.
      > Menas & Helena Lardas
      > Mark & Janet Lardas + Family
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      > Palestine, TX
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