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Re: Fanatics vs. Serbian Orthodoxy

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  • Rev. John R. Shaw
    CHRIST IS RISEN! Before being too amazed it would be worthwhile to discover exactly what Mr. Digrande s own standpoint is. If he is, for example, a
    Message 1 of 4 , May 22, 2000

      Before being too amazed it would be worthwhile to discover exactly what
      Mr. Digrande's own standpoint is. If he is, for example, a
      Panteleimonite, then he would probably reject most of the rest of the
      Orthodox Church, including ROCOR and the majority of Greek and other Old
      Calendar groups.
      > I have to slightly roll my eyes at Mr. Digrande's quick response. I'm
      > not saying this meanly but actually I'm trying to gently chide a brother
      > in Christ for jumping to conclusions based obviously on misinformation.
      > Please stop to reflect on the situation the Serbian Church finds herself
      > in at the moment, then, please go talk personally with a traditional
      > Serbian Bishop and find out for yourself what his and the Patriarch's
      > attitudes are toward Ecumenism, "the Sister Churches" theory, praying
      > with the Catholics and etc. You might just find that they have quite the
      > traditionalist bent and are respectful of and friends with the Synod
      > Abroad. You also might come away with a more accurate understanding of
      > what is really happening within the Serbian Church. If you live on the
      > west coast, the Serbian Bishop Jovan in LA. would be a good one to talk
      > to. (Btw, as a side note, he was a spiritual son of St. Justin Popovich
      > and at the end of every service I've ever attended with Bishop Jovan, he
      > has listed "St. John of San Fransisco and Shanghai" in the dismissal
      > prayer. I pray God enlightens you to comprehend the indirect nuances of
      > his actions here.)
      > In the parables, our Lord instructs us to pick up and care for the man
      > left injured and bleeding, by the side of the road. When we stand before
      > Christ on that Day, will we be the person who passed by and critisized
      > and didn't want to get their hands dirty or will we have taken the time
      > to help the injured be restored to health? Will we be the pharisee that
      > prayed to God thanking Him that he was not like other men or will we be
      > the humble publican? Who of us, including myself, will weigh our actions
      > and - do - what God has instructed us to do?
      > God forgive me the sinner if I have offended any body. I wrote the
      > above in a quiet and reflective tone, hoping a reconsideration will be
      > made as to attitudes and affection toward our Orthodox Serbian brothers.
      > Gregory Yodis
      > St. Sava's Serbian Orthodox Church
      > Phoenix, Az.
      > ps. please forgive any grammer flaws.
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