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Glorification Of Bishop Raphael Hawaweeny

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  • Reader Timothy Tadros
    My local church St. George the Great Martyr in Michigan City, Indiana was consecrated by Bishop Raphael Hawaweeny on Sept. 8, 1914. This was his last
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2000
      My local church St. George the Great Martyr in Michigan City,
      Indiana was
      consecrated by Bishop Raphael Hawaweeny on Sept. 8, 1914.
      This was his last
      consecration before his untimely death in 1915. We were given
      a bone relic from his
      knee by a former Antiochian who has since come to ROCA. So we have
      local veneration for Bishop Raphael, he
      also ordained my great-grandfather to the deaconate and
      priesthood in 1912.We have asked for a blessing to have an icon to be
      written of him, so far no news. From the official web site of the
      Antiochians which have two depictions of Bishop Raphael, I am sure
      Synod iconographers can come up with something much better!!!!!
      A joint commission for the glorification was created by
      the OCA and Antiochians
      and the OCA petitioned the MP for their blessing. Since the
      Antiochians have the
      body at Antiochian Village in Legioner, PA, I doubt
      seriously that that they will
      dig him up for the glorification since the Antiochian
      hierarchy believe "collecting
      relics is like collecting bottle caps". I would love to
      attend but I really did not
      think their would be any glorification since the Word has not
      carried anything
      about until the April issue and this happens at the end of
      the month?????

      When he was disinterred from the Brooklyn cemetery a few
      years ago, he was on the
      bottom of a stacked vault. Fr. George Corey if not mistaken
      uncovered his coffin
      which was disintegrating just like St. John of San Francisco
      and Shanghai. Fr.
      George said his "body was incorrupt and he said Bishop
      Raphael was there laying the
      coffin before him".
      Bishop Raphael was a bishop of the Russian Church in North
      America the immediate
      auxiliary to Archbishop Tikhon-St. Tikhon the Confessor. In
      1904 Bishop Raphael was
      the first Orthodox bishop to be consecrated in the new world.
      Bishop Raphael was
      actually hated by the Antiochian Patriarchate in the late
      1880's he was calling for
      an Arab hierarchy instead of a Greek one, he left his home
      land to study in Russia.
      He taught Arabic at the Kazan Theological Academy before he
      was asked to go to
      How many miracles or intercessions have been attributed to
      him over the 85 years
      of his death???? I have not heard of any, usually before a
      glorification one
      usually hears about these things. I do not doubt there could
      be intercessions, I
      just have not heard on any.
      I doubt ROCOR would officially recognize Bishop Raphael as a
      saint since they have
      no plans to canonize him themselves. Except they have
      accepted some the Mp have
      done in recent years without having their own, for instance
      St. Theophan the
      Recluse, but they have not recognized St. Ignatius
      Brachaninov yet, they print
      icons of him but have no official service to him.
      Reader Timothy Tadros
      St. George Orthodox Church (ROCA)
      Michigan City, Indiana
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