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Update on my friend Frances' daughter Cindy

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  • Dr. Elizabeth W. Riggs
    Update on my friend Frances daughter Cindy: (Rather medically explicit, so the sensitive may wish to close this post now and not read it. If so, please keep
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2000
      Update on my friend Frances' daughter Cindy:

      (Rather medically explicit, so the sensitive may wish to close this
      post now and not read it. If so, please keep Cindy, her husband
      and children and her mother (Frances) and step-father in your

      Scroll down for the most recent details from her mother, Frances:

      Cindy had abdominal hernia surgery 11/12/99. MD did not intervene
      after she had no urine output; did not assess and intervene after
      elevated temp; did order antibiotics, but only after she was septic
      (seriously infected) for 3 days. Her abdomen eviscerated (incision
      fell open) she spent 10 weeks on a vent (mechanical respiration
      device). She had septic shock (shock from infection in her blood
      stream - like toxic shock syndrome) and renal (kidney) failure...

      As of 4 May 2000:
      Cindy is still in Rehab hospital and should be discharged next
      SHE CAN:
      1. She can now walk in a shuffle like fashion.
      2 .She can go from sitting to standing independently. (She does
      have difficulty getting up with no use of her arms and hands to push
      3. She did not regain any more hand or finger use. She still has
      only 3 of the last fingers on her right hand working. the left hand
      does nothing. Without a thumb to use lots of things are difficult.
      4. She can get out of bed and off the toilet alone.
      5. She can propel her wheel chair with her feet.
      6. Her belly is still open - about the size of a grapefruit
      7. She has 5% vision in her left eye... 0% in right eye
      8. She had lost to her lowest weight in 12 years
      9. She can walk up and down steps

      She CAN'T:
      1. She can't lock her wheel chair to allow her to go from chair to
      where ever independently.
      2. She can't feed herself,her hands, elbows, wrist never regained
      any use. just flaccid joints.
      3. She can't pull her pants up or down for toileting or dress herself.
      4. She can't wipe her self in the bathroom.
      5. She can't raise her voice..long term tracheostomy caused vocal

      Our plans for her:
      We have converted the garage into a wheel chair adapted
      room/apartment with a speaker/monitor . She will live there with the
      kids until she adjusted to her kids and they adjust to her. We will
      assist in supervising them, but she must learn to make her
      adjustments. Her husband will be here on weekends or when we
      need him. He must work and lives 50 miles away. He has almost 1
      1/2 years of vacation time saved so he can take off when I need
      him. We are teaching the kids to cook (age girl 8 and boy 13). We
      have a small kitchen set up for Cindy but most of the cooking will
      be in a crock pot or microwave for their safety. We probably will
      have evening meals together, if we are home, but our goal is to
      teach them independence. Bed space wise, we did well since we
      had a more than double size garage. We have a queen bed for
      Mom and bunks for kids. We kept their room in the house for a
      while, since Mom and Dad will need conjugal visit times. The
      garage is open with no walls, so there is no privacy except a
      full bath. We established a corner area with love seat and chair for
      kids to keep Nintendo and items that may be easy to trip mom out
      of the way.

      Cindy's greatest fear is falling. That is reasonable since she can't
      see and can't put her hands out to break the fall or feel her way
      around. We will have her to use a bedside commode at night for
      her safety. We have discussed her bathroom issues with her and
      the Phys. Therapist. If we are not home, and there will be times
      she will be alone, she will wear large muu-muu type dresses.
      Without panties she can manage to get her dress up for the potty
      and them drip dry. We have to do what we have to do. We don't
      want the kids to wind up raising there mom, but they must learn to
      care for each
      other in some fashion. When we feel she is capable to self care
      and care for the kids, we will assist her in returning home. If she
      does not adjust and we don't feel she will be safe, our first criteria
      is not her happiness, but the kids safety . We live in an country
      area that will allow mobile homes so we may move her mobile
      home next door. This would be early fall before this could even be
      considered. We expect it to take all summer to adjust here. If that
      is our choice, her husband will have to quit his job since it would be
      unreasonable to drive daily. He does not want to leave his job since
      he has been there 30 years and his co-workers are like family. He
      can retire, but has an emotional bond there. He is literate (but very
      limited intellectually) and his co-workers have been with him since
      he was 16 and just about raised him.He is a wonderful and caring
      man. I am trying to gently impress upon him that his first
      responsibility to his wife and family. WE are VERRY open to
      suggestions for dealing with ALL of this."

      Please keep this family in your prayers. They are putting their trust
      in God that all will work together for the Good, but are struggling
      with the day-to-dayness of it all.

      Thank you!

      Yours in Christ,
      Elizabeth Riggs, a sinner
      and Perennial Student
      Our Lady, the Joy of All Who Sorrow Church (ROCOR)
      Cumming, GA USA (Atlanta, GA area)
      Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!
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