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Fwd: Re: What a great day to be an American

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      >Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 09:09:10 -0700
      >To: Congress
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      >Subject: Fwd: Re: What a great day to be an American
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      >>Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 08:23:01 -0700
      >>To: orthodox-forum@...
      >>Subject: Re: What a great day to be an American
      >>At 07:42 AM 4/23/2000 -0400, in response to Al Green's bitter and
      >>heart-wrenching observation, concerning the unlawful seizure of little
      >>Elian by NWO thugs:
      >>"What a great day to be an American...especially a U.S. American!!"
      >>Anna Taylor wrote:
      >>>If it was my son or daughter being kept from me illegally, I would pray
      >>>that the same was done. Finally the child is back where he belongs - in
      >>>his father's arms. (and as I understand, the gun was *not* pointed at
      >>>Elian, nor was he staring down the barrel of it.)
      >>>Just as in the Church, we cannot arbitrarily choose which laws we will
      >>>follow and which we will disregard. The law was being broken.
      >>>Anna T.
      >>The law was being broken, yes... It was being broken by the criminal
      >>gang of Butch and Bubba, who have more than enough blood on their hands,
      >>so what's the blood of yet another little boy to them? According to the
      >>Law of God, though, 'twere far, far better for them to hang a millstone
      >>around their necks and to drown themselves in the depths of the sea!
      >>Elian's mother did -- drown in the sea, that is. She gave her life so
      >>that little Elian would not have to grow up and live in Castro's Cuban
      >>hell. The Family was carrying out her dying wish. Unfortunately, a lot
      >>of Americans have not the slightest idea what it means to live under
      >>communist tyranny! But Elian's mother did! She tried to get him to what
      >>she imagined was a life of freedom, for she knew well that in communist
      >>countries parents have no "rights." The child belongs to the State until
      >>fully indoctrinated in the precepts of Marxism-Leninism at around the age
      >>of 18! Then comes military service, to spread that ideology to the rest
      >>of the world!
      >>If the father really cared for his son in this case (and there is some
      >>question as to whether Elian is really *his* son, as there are reports
      >>that he had been divorced from Elian's mother some two years prior to
      >>Elian's birth), he would have accepted the family's invitation and come
      >>to see little Elian at their house -- but he did not! And these people
      >>are not strangers to him, they are *his* Family! I know that if Elian
      >>had been *my* son, I certainly would have jumped at such a chance!
      >>Instead, jack-booted thugs broke in during the middle of the night (while
      >>negotiations were still going on -- negotiations which were nothing other
      >>than another typical Butch and Bubba ruse), screaming: "I'm gonna shoot
      >>you! I'm gonna shoot you! Gimme the d*mn kid!, or I'm gonna shoot you!"
      >>and little Elian, frightened out of his wits, was spirited away at
      >>gunpoint! His next stop, no doubt, will be a Castro sugar-cane _kolkhoz_!
      >>O, how I love those saccharin-sweet American liberals that whine about
      >>"parental rights" when it concerns the alleged "rights" of parents who --
      >>whether willingly, or unwillingly -- are subject to a communist-dominated
      >>system (where they have *no* rights, and the only rights are those of the
      >>State) but yet are the first to demand the intervention of
      >>Child-protective Services if the parents happen to be raising their
      >>children to know the difference between right and wrong and to love God!
      >>Neither let us not forget Waco! Butch and Bubba "rescued" the children
      >>allegedly being "abused" there by David Koresh... And just *how* did
      >>Butch and Bubba go about "rescuing" these children? Why, by roasting
      >>them alive! The cult of Moloch lives! Baal be praised!
      >>As a friend of mine wrote me:
      >>>... I just saw pictures of Elian being taken away screaming by force by
      >>>our government, all to the tune that he is "reunited with his father"
      >>>announced by phoney broadcasters on TV, paid by the CFR on the
      >>>side... No mention of what Castro promised to do, to ensure that the boy
      >>>will have all memory of the US erased from his mind, in other words, to
      >>>those who know nothing of the communist system, take note: he will be
      >>>drugged, shocked, tortured and brainwashed in ways that Americans do not
      >>>even dream of, into slavery. He will not be "with his father," fools!
      >>>This used to be the Land of the Free, but we have seen again and again,
      >>>that this treacherous administration would rather give aid to China than
      >>>to Taiwan, kill millions of Christians in Serbia and Sudan, return a
      >>>refugee to communism rather than give him asylum. Nothing new, it is
      >>>also responsible for 5 million Russians deported back to Stalin as part
      >>>of the Yalta agreement, why am I so upset, then about a little boy!
      >>>Because it marks the beginning of the end for all! Freedom is no longer on the
      >>>agenda of the treacherous, murderous criminal leaders of this nation.
      >>With every passing day, we more and more see coming true the words spoken
      >>by our great Russian prophets and Saints: "What began in Russia, will end
      >>in America!" Only such as are so blind that they will not see can fail
      >>to appreciate the truth of those words. The vanguard of Antichrist is
      >>exulting mightily, as they plan to "have a nice day!" It is no wonder,
      >>then, that their first targets are always Christian symbols (and I use
      >>the word "Christian," here, in a "generic," and not in a precise
      >>canonical sense) and that they always plan their attacks to occur during
      >>Christian holy days!
      >>-- GeoS (a Russian Orthodox Christian and a first-generation
      >>Russian-American refugee from communism, whose own Mother literally went
      >>through hell to get him to freedom!)

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