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[orthodox-synod] Sv: In the Matter Of "God's Anointed"

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  • Nikolaj
    Hello Brother! I hope you read my posting? Please send the below posting to my mailing list Holy Royal Martyrs!!!! And please write me privately - I would like
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2000
      Hello Brother!
      I hope you read my posting?
      Please send the below posting
      to my mailing list Holy Royal Martyrs!!!!
      And please write me privately - I would like to get to know you!!
      S Bogom!
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      Sent: Friday, March 31, 2000 8:33 PM
      Subject: [orthodox-synod] In the Matter Of "God's Anointed"

      Several posts have been made to this List in the course of the last few 
      days, or so, which disparage the sacred memory of Tsar' St. Nicholas II -- 
      the LAST Tsar' of Russia, to say nothing of disparaging the very concept of 
      Sacred Monarchy, in general.
      While such attacks might seem to be excusable when they come from those who 
      are not Orthodox -- or from those whose Orthodoxy has been "compromised" or 
      "tainted" by the spirit of antichrist -- it is ignominiously despicable 
      when it comes from those who claim to be Orthodox members of the Russian 
      Orthodox Church Abroad!
      Has our spiritual upbringing been so shoddy that we no longer have *any* 
      knowledge whatsoever of the Orthodox teaching concerning "God's 
      Anointed"?  Are not the basic tenets of the Orthodox Faith being taught in 
      ROCOR's church schools in America anymore?  Does ROCOR even *have* church 
      schools in America anymore?  And if it does, do the teachers there now 
      subscribe to the neo-orthodox notion that we can pick, choose, and ignore 
      at leisure the doctrines and canons of the Orthodox Faith, including the 
      "anathemas" of Orthodoxy Sunday?  In particular, the one which states:
      >To such as deny the Grace [imparted to the Monarch] in the Mystery of 
      >Anointing [him] to the Throne and to [his] Royal service, which is an 
      >especially unique service rendered to the Church of Christ, and who thus 
      >audaciously dare to rebel and to commit treason against them: anathema!
      Should we not be ashamed of our ignorance regarding Sacred Monarchy, when 
      even one such as Shakespeare (and he was certainly far from being an 
      Orthodox Christian!) knew enough in his day to write:
      >Not all the water in the rough rude sea
      >Can wash the balm off from an anointed king;
      >The breath of worldly men cannot depose
      >The deputy elected by the Lord:
      Nicholas II, Emperor and Tsar' of All Russia became such at His coronation, 
      when He was anointed with "the balm of Heav'n" (the "Oil of Gladness," as 
      the Bible calls it). And He *remained* such, *even unto the very moment of 
      His death*, which is *why* He was -- why He *had* to be -- 
      ritually-sacrificed to the powers of hell by Christ's enemies; and why, 
      consequently, He has been glorified by God as the Martyr-TSAR' -- rather 
      than merely as the martyred "citizen" Nikolai Romanov.
      Had He ever been *other* than the Tsar', following His Coronation -- had He 
      ever actually become, in effect, a mere "citizen" (as some claim) following 
      his so-called "abdication" -- such a ritual-sacrifice would have been 
      *absolutely worthless* from the point of view of those sons of satan who 
      carried it out, as should be more than evident to any who claim to be at 
      all studied in history and anthropology -- and who, consequently, should 
      also then be well-versed in the mystically-symbolic "killing of the king" 
      ritual that frequently took place in pre-Christian societies. (Those 
      interested in pursuing this topic in more detail might well begin by 
      referring to "The Golden Bough" [in its UN-abridged edition] by James Frazer.)
      Hence, Tsar' Nicholas' "abdication" on behalf of both Himself and the 
      Tsarevich ("for the greater good of Russia," as He thought, having been 
      deceived by those who had pledged their undying loyalty to Him), was not a 
      *spiritually*-bindings document, but only a worthless scrap of paper...
      Wherefore, the only thing that *can* be said to have happened 
      incontrovertibly at the moment that the Tsar's pen touched paper is that He 
      exchanged the *form* of His service to Holy Rus' from being one of
      >"He Who restraineth"
      to being one of
      >"He Who redeemeth,"
      as, Christ-like, abandoned by all, He ascended His own personal 
      Golgotha...  And, just as Christ was the Innocent Sacrificial Victim Who 
      shed His Blood for the sins of the whole world, so, too, Nicholas II -- the 
      Martyr-Tsar' -- was
      the Innocent Sacrificial Victim Who shed His Blood for the sins of Russia --
      that Russia which had not wanted to belong to the Tsar' and, in
      consequence (in Voloshin's words),...
      >"went out humiliated, and a beggar, and slave to the meanest slave"...
      Anyone who believes or teaches otherwise -- whether he does so in 
      ignorance, or with malice aforethought -- is simply playing into the hands 
      the sworn enemies of Holy Rus' -- of those who participated in that 
      terrible act of
      regicide (and whose spiritual descendants still rule our greatly-suffering 
      Russian Land).   And such a one, consequently, stands condemned by the 
      fearsome words of that sacred and holy oath which was sworn by *all* Russia 
      at the _Zemskii Sobor_ [Land Council (composed of representatives of every 
      stratum of Russian society)] in 1613:
      >It is hereby decreed and commanded that God's Chosen One, Tsar' Mikhail 
      >Feodorovich Romanov, be the progenitor of the Rulers of Rus' from 
      >generation to generation, being answerable in his actions before the Tsar' 
      >Of Heaven, Alone;
      >and should any dare to go against this decree of this _Sobor -- whether it 
      >be Tsar', or Patriarch, or any other man, may he be accursed in this age 
      >and in the age to come, having been sundered from the Holy Trinity...
      Unfortunately, the foregoing will doubtless appear to be naught but 
      "senseless babble" to those who have lost the savour of genuine Orthodoxy, 
      for they have been poisoned by the foetid saecular breath of that mephitic 
      spirit, so aptly depicted in Boito's opera:
      >...the spirit who denieth all things -- always;
      >who is for naught, for devastation! --
      >for ruin-universal, and for strife;
      >and whose very life and breath
      >is what men once called:
      >Transgression, Sin and Death;
      that *demon*-o-cratic spirit which...
      >"walketh about, to and fro, in all the earth, seeking whom he may devour,"
      in order to prepare men to receive and worship the coming Antichrist -- him 
      whose forerunners so viciously slew our Tsar' in order to clear the way for 
      the arrival of their Beast, which, as Yeats said...
      >...its hour come round at last,
      >Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born...
      The purpose behind the ritualistic "killing of the ['old'] king," after 
      all, is to remove him that he might not hinder the coming of the "new 
      king." And Nicholas II -- the Martyr-Tsar' (being the "old king") -- was 
      none other than...
      >"he who restraineth [the coming of the 'new king'], until he be removed 
      >from out of his place"...
      While the "new king" -- he who is to come (unless God sheds
      His mercy on our tormented land and grants the world a brief reprieve) --
      will be none other than "the Little Horn" foreseen by the Prophet Daniel, ...
      >"to whom power was given to make war against the Saints, and to overcome 
      until such time as he himself is slain...
      >"by the Breath of the Lord, and by the Brightness of His Coming"!
      -- GeoS

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