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Death Knell

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  • Rev Fr Mark Gilstrap
    Speaking of redirecting your posts... This Synod list was the first sub-list of the Indiana List and was originally created in the early 90s to provide a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2007
      Speaking of redirecting your posts...

      This "Synod list" was the first sub-list of the "Indiana List" and
      was originally created in the early '90s to provide a voluntary
      alternative venue for the public contentions already taking place
      between Synod members on the world-wide stage of the ORTHODOX list.
      These tensions are related to what has been referred to as the
      ROCOR/ROCA dichotomy (from Gk. dichotomia from dicha "in two" +
      temnein "to cut"). These unresolved issues finally cut deeply and
      resulted in a division between those who, as of May 4/17, have
      submitted to the Soviet legacy called the Moscow Patriarchate, and
      those who have not.

      Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

      The time for argument is past. It is inappropriate for this
      list/group to continue to serve as an alternative when there is no
      alternative, no point in fighting from within. Union is a done

      As for myself, I am no longer a member of the Russian Orthodox
      Church, having received a canonical release from Bishop Peter to the
      Holy Metropolis GOC of America under Metropolitan Pavlos. As such it
      makes no sense to continue to host a group primarily focused on the
      Russian Orthodox Church.

      Please redirect your future discussions about ROCOR and the MP to


      If you find that your posts are not compatible with the perspective
      cultivated on orthodox-rocor, you may find the following to be a
      better fit:


      There was some talk earlier about merging synod and tradition, but
      you can join the tradition group yourself if you wish.

      Its been a pretty good 15 year run, but it is time for some rest.
      The archives of this group from the last 8 years will remain
      available for a while until they can be downloaded (the web site for
      acquiring the software to do that is not accessible at this time).

      It's good to be back home in "the Russian Church as I remember it"
      (the GOC is just one legacy of Archbishop Seraphim of Chicago and
      Detroit who re-established the GOC episcopacy in the 1960s). I hope
      you are also where you need to be.

      Please keep in touch by private mail. I may have more time to
      respond now.

      In Christ,
      priest Mark
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