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Bishop Daniel rejects splinterism

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    please see: http://www.synod.com/synod/eng2007/6enbpdaniel.html Dear Fathers, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I have always welcomed better relations between
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      please see: http://www.synod.com/synod/eng2007/6enbpdaniel.html

      Dear Fathers, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

      I have always welcomed better relations between the Russian Orthodox
      Church Outside Russia and the Moscow Patriarchate, but I am not in
      favor of unification of our Church with the Moscow Patriarchate. We
      have been independent for about 80 years, and we have a new mission:
      to make Orthodoxy available to the people of the Diaspora, and to
      bring Orthodoxy to new converts. And while the Moscow Patriarchate
      may recognize our independence, I fear they may annihilate our
      independence and take us over completely.

      Some who are against this unification say that the Moscow
      Patriarchate is without grace or Apostolic Succession, but I have
      never said this. However I do feel that a union with the Moscow
      Patriarchate is premature now. If we had to be engulfed and subjected
      to Moscow , I wished to have been dead before that time.

      There are those who think that objection to this union means
      necessarily breaking Communion with Metropolitan Laurus and his
      Synod. And while this situation is difficult for me, I do not agree
      with these people. I have always maintained that I will not separate
      myself from the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. I do not
      believe Metropolitan Laurus and his bishops to be without grace or
      Apostolic Succession, nor to be in heresy or schism. I commune in the
      Church of the Nativity of Christ, Erie , Pennsylvania , where
      Metropolitan Laurus is being commemorated. I am not one to start a
      new Church authority. I am against this. I will not do any
      ordinations on my own unless asked to do so by Metropolitan Laurus
      and his Church Authority. This is my position and I ask all to
      respect it.

      On May 9/22 of this year, I had a visit from two priests and a
      deacon, who wanted me to sign a paper. So they took me to a separate
      room, and didn't allow any of my helpers to accompany me. I did not
      write this document, it was simply given to me to sign. I signed it
      because I was asked to do so. Immediately after this I recognized
      that something was wrong and I should not have signed it.

      You see, I am used to trusting clergy, and I did not expect to be
      betrayed in such a simple way. This event is the reason that I am
      writing all of this now. I immediately contacted Fr Pimen Simon, and
      asked him to do whatever could be done to straighten this out.

      I have never said that I am under house arrest. This is entirely
      somebody else's invention. And all of the accusations about living in
      unhealthy conditions or being in danger from my helpers are simply
      false. It is pure nonsense, and does not correspond to the facts. I
      am well taken care of. I never dreamed that clergy could be so
      shameless as to say and do such things.

      I do receive my mail. I also receive incoming phone calls, but I have
      asked Luke Gehring and my other helpers to screen calls. I would not
      have asked them to do this if all the call I received had been decent
      calls. Visitors are welcome, but I reserve the right of invitation
      and will not simply receive anyone.

      In ministering to Old Believers, my attempts have been to bring
      peace, not to create new divisions and schisms.

      This is my position, and I will not engage in further discussions
      with those who wish to form new schisms or lead me into them.

      I pray for all the children of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside
      Russia. May God grant peace and unity to us all!

      Bishop Daniel
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