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my very very very last post to this list

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  • gene703
    I ve just read a post by (matushka) Ann Lardas where she makes all the politically correct argument for the union. I would like to answer her with words
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2007
      I've just read a post by (matushka) Ann Lardas where she makes all the politically correct argument for the union. I would like to answer her with words written by Protoierey Alexander Lebedeff just short 13 years ago. I wonder if she or anyone else would like to argue that the good changes she mentiones that happened over the last 15 years in Russia have actually ameliorated all of the points raised by the good Reverend.

      This is from the last summary chapter of a book by Prt. Lebedeff called "Tricky Fruit - The Origin and Nature of Moscow Patriarchy" published by Swan Press, Bell Canyon, California.1994 . I am not making this up.

      HERE WE GO

      The clear difference is evident between the Church of the true confessors such as Patriarch Tikhon, Metropolitans Veniamin, Petr, Cyrill and a multitude of martyrs and the Soviet Church represented by Patriarchs Segius, Pimen, Alexy I and II. The first one was telling the truth and suffered for Christ. The second one was telling and is continuing to tell lies and have sold the priceless gift of the Lord for the porridge dish of recognition or rather tolerance from the godless authorities.

      No one can say that Moscow Patriarchy is a spiritual inheritor of the church of Patriarch Tikhon. Instead one can only conclude the following - Moscow Patriarchy is as different from the church of of Patriarch Tikhon as darkness is different from the light, as black is different from white, as lies is different from the truth.

      Entire MP hierarchy is compromised by collaboration with KGB and even if some of them were not official informers all of them were installed with KGB approval.

      Ideology of the Soviet Church is very straightforward - it is not only allowed to save the church with lies, it is mandatory to do so. The principle that the goal justifies the means became the cornerstone of this ideology.

      Therefore the nature of the MP is easy to define: MP is a Soviet Church and is nothing but a creation of the godless authorities, build on lies and guided by lies in all it's emanations.

      MP must admit that it lived and was guided by lies throughout it's existence. MP must publicly refute all these lies and furthermore the very principle that the church can be saved by lies. Only the refusal of this ideology and sincere and public repentance can transform MP into a true Orthodox Church.

      In 1927 something horrible has happened. He, who took upon himself the title of Patriarch has led it down the path of serving the lie, turned what was supposed to be a pillar of faith into a new soviet church completely dedicated to the lies and god-hating government. Truly this was a great betrayal and he who committed this crime and all his followers will share the fate of Judas.




      GENE T

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