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Re: [orthodox-synod] Monastery, group settle sex suit for $1 million

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  • Carol
    One thing that can happen is when EGO gets in the way, and one thinks he is ABOVE Gods wrath! The people who have, now or ever done such immoral things, may
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2007
      One thing that can happen is when EGO gets in the way, and one thinks he is ABOVE Gods wrath! The people who have, now or ever done such immoral things, may think God does not know and they think what they do is in secret are fooling themselves. GOD SEES IT ALL! It is sad, but sometimes evil creeps in even among the Christian men and/or women trying to live a Godly life. They may even get away with it on Earth but they will eternally be seperated from God and placed into Satans clutches FOREVER, and how clergy of all people, can miss this important truth, is hard to understand?). I do not care WHO they are or WHO they THINK they are.These things are a sin to God and I do not need to point the scriptures out as everyone here knows the verses, well. *It does not matter if it is clergy or not.* WE ALL have the SAME RESPONSIBILITY,,,, God did not place them in to the monastery though, to USE their ability to manipulate( which is evil) to do damage to the innocent, and the children of God. Anyone who does such is not of God. They are NOT SICK, they are just Satanic.'We need not mince words.'They should be kciked out immediately, and probably will be, and should never be allowed to serve again. Never allowed to go to church UNTILL they are ready to 'repent' and go to 'confession' and prove that they are willing to follow God and fight the evil temptation in their souls.That is WHY ALL CLERGY should need to confess, also, if not already doing this. They are not 'above 'the ability to sin.LOL BE ,TO ANYONE WHO ENTICES ANY OF THE HOLY ONES.( Which is clergy and non clergy alike)

      It is sad to hear this in Orthodoxy, let alone Roman Catholic Priests too, who USE their calling from God to commit sin.What is worse as they are forcing and manipulating innocent people into sinning with them, and making them think it is true. People being human can ALL sin, so we nmust be able to repent and turn back and try to stop the sinning and be rejoined to God once more! It is not like they do not KNOW what they are doing......They purposely are sinning. Any lay person or clergy, who is involved with this evil is being asked to TURN back from the evil and turn back to God, and CONFESS, REPENT, and of all things ask forgivness to those you have offended, and taught the evil.
      God will not forgive such people if they do not repent and I do not care WHO they are., or WHAT they do.

      WE do not know man's hearts but God does. We do know what the Bible says, and it is a map or guide to know the direction to travel, and it is *CLEAR this is SIN...* One of many... WE must forgive though ,if asked and as long as the person *stops, sinning and causing others to sin, also.* The damage already done is absolutely beyond forgiving though, but may God help those victims to somehow be able to place the evil behind them, if they can. One million dollars may not be enough to be honest. A life of making the person repent, may be a beginning.

      **As far as ROCOR( It is done and over now) joining the ROC, may (ROC) they repent the past, and not look back, as Lots wife did, and turn into a pillar of Salt.( They will be preserved in evil memories of the past, thus never moving forward.) May God's will be done in this case, also. **** Talking about it here is interesting, but will not change what is done, and now I guess it is left to God to help us all, and HE WILL.

      In Christ,

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      Subject: [orthodox-synod] Monastery, group settle sex suit for $1 million

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      Monastery, group settle sex suit for $1 million


      Zeke MacCormack

      JOHNSON CITY - A former novice monk who claimed he was molested in
      the late 1990s at the Christ of the Hills Monastery outside Blanco
      will get $1 million in a settlement filed Wednesday.
      The agreement resolves a 2006 civil suit in which James B. Wright Jr.
      accused the monastery's founder, Sam A. Greene Jr., and Greene
      followers William Hughes and Walter Christley of abuse.

      Criminal charges remain against those three monks and two other
      followers of Greene, and the state is trying to seize the 105-acre

      Wright, who lives in the Houston area, also had sued the Synod of
      Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, which in
      1991 admitted Greene's group as clergy but severed ties in 1999.

      Wright reached a confidential settlement with the New York-based
      religious group in December, according to its attorney, Lin Hughes of
      Austin, who said Greene duped her clients into affiliating with his

      In the judgment entered Wednesday, State District Judge Dan Mills
      ordered that Wright recover $1 million from the monastery and
      Ecumenical Monks Inc., the nonprofit group that runs the monastery.

      There is no indication in the judge's order about where the money
      will come from.

      Wright's attorney, Mark Long, couldn't be reached for comment.

      When the suit was filed last year, Long said the monastery appeared
      to be "a place set up to scam people and for some of the monks to
      recruit young people to molest. It's horrible."

      No trial date has been set for the monks jailed last July when
      authorities raided the monastery and seized its famed weeping icon, a
      painting said to cry but later acknowledged to be a fake.

      The arrests marked the second round of civil and criminal proceedings
      for alleged sexual abuse at the monastery.

      In 2000, Greene pled guilty to indecency with a novice monk and was
      sentenced to 10 years probation. The victim later won about $1
      million in a civil suit.

      The latest criminal charges stem from statements Greene reportedly
      made to his probation officer that implicated him and some of his
      followers in sexual misconduct.

      Indictments were returned last July on charges of sexual assault of a
      child/organized crime against Greene, who's known as "Father
      Benedict," Hugh Fallon, Jonathan Hitt; Christley and Hughes.

      Greene also was charged with sexual performance by a child.

      In January, more charges were brought against Greene, Christley and
      Hughes based on the complaints by Wright.

      Christley was indicted on charges of sexual assault of a child and
      sexual assault of a child/organized crime over alleged incidents from
      Dec. 1, 1998. Hughes and Greene were indicted on charges of sexual
      assault of a child/organized crime for the same alleged incident.

      All of the defendants have pleaded not guilty and are free on bond,
      except Hitt, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1999 after he
      was convicted of indecency with the same youth who's complaint put
      Greene on probation.

      Neither Greene nor his attorneys could be reached for comment.


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