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Days.ru beginning English version of their great online Calendar

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    Looking at the wonderful Orthodox online Calendar at days.pravoslavie.ru this morning, I got to the bottom of the page and noticed the words: ENGLISH
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      Looking at the wonderful Orthodox online Calendar at days.pravoslavie.ru this morning, I got to the bottom of the page and noticed the words: "ENGLISH VERSION" If you click on it (or on the link below), you get the Saints of the day with the icons of some of the major ones, a calendar on the left so you can go to any day of the year, the fasting directions for the day, and the Epistle and Gospel reading (just the citation, not the actual text). I would assume that these hard-working people plan to offer more in the future.
      Here is the announcement about it at "pravoslavie.ru":

      "The English Version of the Orthodox Calendar is now ready

      Pravoslavie.Ru announces the first edition of the Orthodox Church calendar in English: days.pravoslavie.ru/en

      At the present time, Pravoslavie.Ru presents not only the monthly menaon of feasts and saints, but also their respective icons and Gospel readings.

      This calendar is unique in that, besides containing the list of saints commemorated by the entire Orthodox Church, local saints are also noted. The daily saints who are commemorated on different days by the Greek Church, as well as British and Celtic saints are noted in round and block parenthesis respectively: (Gr. Cal.) [Celtic & British Cal.]. The saints of the Netherlands are shown in parenthesis as follows: (Neth.) At the end of each citation are shown in italics lists of various ascetics of piety (hierarchs, monastic saints and martyrs) not yet canonized, for their commemoration in services for the reposed. In time, this information will be expanded in the English language.


      If you follow the link given to the main site, pravoslavie.ru, then click on the "English Edition" on the left-hand side, you will get many lives of Saints and soul-profiting articles in English, and notably--excerpts from a new book in English, "May God Give You WIsdom!: The Letters of Fr. John Krestiankin to laypeople."

      The book,
      May God Give You Wisdom!
      The Letters of Fr. John Krestiankin
      is available from:

      St. Xenia Skete Press
      P. O. Box 260
      Wildwood, CA 96076
      U. S. A.
      Fax: (1) 530-628-1034

      E-mail: stxenia@...

      Already, the Russian version of days.pravoslavie.ru is greatly expanded: not only does it offer all of the above, but in the Saints of the day, you can click on most of them and read their life, or see the troparia to them, or see their icon(s) and even get a listing of (Russian) churches which have altars in their name. Click on the Gospel or Epistle listing to read the actual text (Synodal version). The page now has added the typicon for the day, complete with audio links to the troparia and other music. And, there is now Church news in addition.
      This page is an absolutely wonderful way to start your day, and if, "by their fruits ye shall know them," then this very good spiritual fruit must be coming from an equally good source!


      --Dimitra Dwelley
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