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Re: Rochester & Jordanville have their say... (Russian/English)...

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  • Michael Woodson
    To the Protection of the Mother of God parishioners and clergy: Your testimony is true. Michael ... Against Union With the Moscow Patriarchate ... Protection
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2007
      To the Protection of the Mother of God parishioners and clergy:

      Your testimony is true.


      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, Basil Yakimov <byakimov@...>
      > DOCUMENT: Statement of the Mother of God Parishioners. Who Are
      Against Union With the Moscow Patriarchate
      > ---------------------------------
      > We, the undersigned clergy, parishioners and friends of the
      Protection of the Mother of God parish in Rochester, NY are all
      united in our strong feelings of opposition to the union between the
      Russian Church Abroad and the Moscow Patriarchate. We pray for union
      in God's truth, but this union threatens to leave critically
      important issues unresolved.
      > First and foremost is the dangerous teaching of Sergianism, the
      idea that Metropolitan Sergius saved the Russian Church by making a
      deal with Stalin. This teaching has far-reaching consequences by
      establishing a precedent and a mind-set whereby capitulation to even
      the most extreme evil can always be justified. The Patriarchate’s
      so-called break with Sergianism is tepid, forced and parenthetical.
      It is completely overshadowed by the Patriarch's public statements
      praising Sergius' actions as having saved the church and the
      construction of a monument glorifying Sergius as a hero. This is not
      the renunciation of Sergianism that the Church Abroad has always
      required for union.
      > Second, the Russian Church Abroad has been a vocal opponent of the
      Ecumenical Movement and its teaching that all faiths are equal and
      need to be united into one. The Moscow Patriarchate, while claiming
      to have rejected the branch theory that all churches are equal
      branches, last year sent a large delegation to the 9th Assembly of
      the World Council of Churches in Brazil where it upheld a resolution
      that stated, "Each church is the Church catholic and not simply a
      part of it. Each church is the Church catholic, but not the whole of
      it." MP Metropolitan Kirill (Gundayev), chairman of the Department of
      External Church Relations, has stated that the Patriarchate's
      involvement in the WCC will certainly increase. This is not the
      renunciation of Ecumenism that the Church Abroad has always required
      for union.
      > Perhaps the most visible warning that we must heed are increasing
      signs that the ruthless totalitarian state of the Soviet past is not
      dead. The fact that the leadership posts of the Patriarchate continue
      to be occupied by agents of the KGB, such as Patriarch Alexy II
      himself, is well documented by Mitrokhin, the Estonian archives,
      Kalugin and others. What we have seen from the State is the return of
      the red banner and the theme of the Soviet anthem, a general
      nostalgia for the Soviet past, and a severe crackdown on any
      dissenting voices. What we have seen from the Patriarchate are
      letters of praise for the leaders of North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba
      and admiration for the Soviet legacy. This is not the fall of a
      totalitarian dictatorship that the Church Abroad has always required
      for union.
      > These and other related issues have been clearly and openly
      proclaimed by hierarchs of the Russian Church Abroad for all of its
      history. We do not feel that the work of the
      commissions "negotiating" unification has resolved these problems. We
      see our hierarchs and church leaders changing their minds about
      beliefs that the Church Abroad, until only recently, saw as non-
      > Our hearts truly rejoice at the sight of the many pious Orthodox
      Christians in Russia. We sincerely hope that this is a sign of the
      resurrection of that Russia that was murdered by the Bolsheviks 90
      years ago. But those same people are ill-served if the Church Abroad
      gives up the precious inheritance entrusted to it by compromising on
      the things that many great men and women have suffered and died for.
      This is not love towards our brethren abroad or in Russia.
      > It is a testament to our teachers in the faith that we hold true to
      the ideals that we have been steeped in for most or all of our lives.
      We are products of the Russian Church Abroad and we love our Church.
      We are dedicated to our Church. We have poured countless hours and
      many hard-earned wages into our parish as well as the Russian Church
      Abroad as a whole. It is the love that we feel for our dear pastor,
      our parish and our fellow parishioners who are not of like mind with
      us that makes this parting of ways so incredibly heart-breaking. You
      are our friends and we have shed many tears over this.
      > We are motivated by nothing more than trying to preserve what is
      true. We want to look in our children's and grandchildren's eyes and
      tell them about the heroes of our Church, the holy New Martyrs, who
      stood strong in Christ and did not give in to their Soviet
      interrogators. These are our true heroes, and our devotion to what
      they stood for, and what ROCOR has always stood for, is what prevents
      us from considering union with the Moscow Patriarchate at this time.
      > Signatures (about 30 families have signed)
      > ---------------------------------
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