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  • Basil Yakimov
    Dear Dimitra, Those words you quote do not belong to me - I did not write them. For your information Father Peter & I still friends, although we are on
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 31, 2007
      Dear Dimitra,

      Those words you quote do not belong to me - I did not write them. For your information Father Peter & I still friends, although we are on opposite sides vis a vi the post soviet MP and coming rapprochement... we have been friends since our seminary days in Jordanville...

      Vova - I take no disrespect in regard to your posting... you and I will probably never agree on anything... simple as that...

      Thank you Mary but I am OK with everything that is dished out my way... I can take...or leave it...

      Please forgive me when posting but there is no individual on this list that I have any malice towards... but if my postings do offend anyone personally - I ask your forgiveness unreservedly ...

      I do not represent any Bishop or any person dead or alive... I am what I am and I will continue my stand against ecumenism, sergianstvo....

      As Vova, says: "s nastupayushchim Prazdnikom Voskreseniya Khristago!"

      I ask for your prayers.

      unworthy protodeacon Basil from Canberra

      DDD <dimitradd@...> wrote: On Sat, 31 Mar 2007 07:16:48 +1000, Mary Marczyk wrote:
      To the moderator,

      This response is very disrespectful and Fr Basil is an ordained
      deacon of our church. This type of vitriol needs to abolished and is
      not welcomed.


      But it's OK for Deacon Basil to pour his own disrespectful "vitriol" against the ordained PRIESTS and BISHOPS of our Church--calling Fr. Peter (Perekrestov) insultingly by his last name only, calling him a "mole" and calling our bishops "unworthy ministers and bishops in our Synod"? Well, I did not know that deacons were to be accorded "respect" by not having to listen to priests. I did not know deacons outranked priests and bishops. I did not know deacons could publicly accuse their priests and bishops. I thought the Canons had severe penalties for this.

      --Dimitra Dwelley

      Deacon Basil wrote:
      "Why then is the Church Helmsman Protopriest Peter Perekrestov writing good material about the MP and states in Section 12 that the MP has repented by way of good deeds- that include opening of Churches and praying some 300 times in a year.

      "Why is Protopriest Peter Perekrestov stating in 2006 that the MP has repented in his statements in 1991 (and supposedly repeated in 2003) when the words used were so weak as to be an insult to readers.

      "Protopriest Peter Perekrestov’s actions are indicative of him being a “mole” in ROCOR for the MP. His statements refute all things that came out of the ROCOR synod of Bishops meeting in 2000.

      The term “mole” was used in some of the internal ROCOR documents available in “Voice of Reason”; just the use of this term in connection with our Synod suggests internal ferment with some unworthy ministers and bishops in our Synod."

      Archives located at http://www.egroups.com/group/orthodox-synod

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