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The very sad times are with us ..our hearts are breaking and I ...

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  • Basil Yakimov
    The very sad times are with.... our hearts are breaking and I wish my Father (Confessor) Vladimir (Evsukoff) was here now.... Saint Mark of Ephesus, + 1457
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      The very sad times are with.... our hearts are breaking and I
      wish my Father (Confessor) Vladimir (Evsukoff) was here now....

      Saint Mark of Ephesus, + 1457 A.D.
      "AVOID communing with those with whom you should not commune and
      commemorating those who should not be commemorated" Saint Mark of Ephesus, + 1457 A.D.
      Blessed Archbishop Averky says: "..in the Orthodox Church the teaching of the infallibility of any individual does not exist, regardless of the rank occupied by that individual in the church hierarchy, - there is no place for 'papism'.....
      For the "Church" - is not only the bishops, not only the clergy, as many people by their ignorance consider in our times: "The Church comprises the Bishop, clergy and all standing in the faith" (St Cyprian of Carthage)......

      Below is a letter given to his Grace Archbishop Hilarion before a meeting held recently in Sydney... sadly those who defended the approaching capitulation of our glorious ROCA to the post soviet ecumenist/sergianist MP did not satisfy anybody with their answers given and even... including our YOUTH in Australia...

      "....Union with the MP

      Once union is consummated with the Church of the Moscow Patriarch (ROC) ROCOR will no longer be independent and be able to call itself the true Church that was set up by Christ . It will be absorbed into the “heretical” Church and will be in heresy with the MP and WCC . The following facts relate to my reasoning:


      1 Anathema No 1

      The anathema of Arch Bishop Tikhon in 1918 applied to the Bolsheviks and their collaborators “ Bishop Sergius ” as at 1927.

      The Church of the MP (ROC) was set up (founded) by the Bolsheviks in 1927 and the Church was in full collaboration with the Soviet Government. Even after Stalin ’s time, Khrushchev (a Jew), continued closing churches and persecuting clergy and parishioners.

      2 World Council of Churches Membership as of the 60’s

      ROC became part of the WCC in the early 60’s for political reasons to allow the Soviets to have more political clout in the world stage.

      At this time, ROC’s involvement in the WCC was of no benefit in promoting Orthodoxy in the Russia or elsewhere. In fact, at this time the Soviet government was secretly closing Churches, persecuting clergy and making it extremely difficult for people to attend the limited number of churches that existed at that time.

      ROC, in supporting the Soviet Government did not divulge the persecutions that were happening.

      3 Anathema No 2

      ROCOR Synod put the WCC under anathema in 1984 during Arch Bishop Vitaly’s time. This anathema applies to the WCC and its members and that includes the MP.

      These two anathemas on the MP that have not been removed by our synod.

      4 MP involvement in WCC and with Others.

      ROC is a full member of the WCC , though it is playing it low key in the interim period prior to amalgamation with ROCOR. There are a lot of confusing signals coming from ROCOR and MP about MP being just an observer- this is an absolute lie!

      Some facts include:

      * MP sent 27 delegates as observers to WCC meeting in Brazil in 2006.

      * Met. Kyrill (Metropolitan of Smolensk and President of the Department of Foreign and Ecclesiastical Relations of the MP) said in November 2006 that ROCOR was not against MP membership in WCC . Yet he tried to justify righteous aspects for Orthodoxy’s presence in the WCC . Could you possibly believe a word he says in this matter where he is an ex KGB agent.

      * It was Kyrill, who at the sickening Canberra WCC meeting/performance said, and I quote “This is where we belong”.

      * In 2006, ecumenical prayers were performed in the Basilica of St. Nicholas with Roman Catholic Archbishop Francesco Caccuchi of Bari, Kyrill and Fr. Vladimir Koochoomov (also of the MP).

      * In 2005 the MP greeted the WCC general secretary and a delegation of others at Moscow .

      * In 1993 MP Alexei II was honoured by Jews in a New York synagogue where amongst other things, he called Jews and Christians brothers because we shared the same God. That is utter blasphemy to Christ who is also God who was killed by the Jews. There is nothing in the Creed that is common to the Jews!

      * There are a lot more instances where both Patriarch Alexei II and Met. Kyrill have behaved in an un-Orthodox manner regarding WCC and other matters.

      * Again, not long before the meeting of Synod of Bishops in 2000, whilst in Israel for the feast of the Nativity of Christ, the MP performed three morally incompatible activities including: prayed with the Jews to the god we are supposed to have in common, reached an agreement with Moslems about the seizure of one of ROCOR’s monasteries, and praised the destroyer Yeltsin for “labouring for the good of Russia” and for “his efforts in restoring morality of our people”. What morality can be expected from a first an Atheist come Mason .

      * According to a book written by Angelica Capifavi that was published in Italy in 2003 titled “A discourse with Alexei II, Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia” on page 251, in answering a question on proselytism, he stated ”between sister Churches there can be no proselytism.

      It sounds to me that a time is coming where Orthodox and Catholics will be able to pray in each others Churches - heaven forbid that with the status of the Pontiff. Worst still, if in time we enter in communion with all the other heretics, Jews and others.

      We have been foretold what is ahead with the coming of the anti-Christ. It will inevitably happen when the world Churches are united and we are now in the process of participating in that fateful debacle, through the treacherous WCC that is set up by the masons (and of course, the Jews/Illuminati). Just about all the WCC members/Church hierarchs are masons who have an agenda to follow.

      5 Position of ROCOR regarding the MP

      ROCOR Epistle of July-August 1990 clearly damns the MP (newly elected Alexei II) and its membership of WCC and refers to him as a heretic in his communion in prayers and meeting with the ecumenists. The Epistle refers to Alexei II ’s former collaboration with the Soviet Regime (KBG) and asks him to acknowledge, that he has compromised himself too grievously to receive the common trust of the faithful children of the Church.

      It goes on to say that because of the compromising position of the new MP and through the position of those bishops that elected him, they are accustomed not so much to care for the spreading and strengthening of the faith as to the obedience to the atheistic civil authorities.

      In terms of current status it should be made clear that both Yeltsin and Putin became masons in 1991, both were and Putin still has a predominance of Jews around him in high government positions. The MP will always take directions from the FSB (KGB) as a matter of government policy. Whilst Communism has gone, the vestiges of Communism remain in tact within the current Russian Government.

      More so Putin is believed to have stated that he does not believe in God but believes in Man and that he cannot wait until such time that the New World Order comes to Russia . We have all seen videos of Putin lighting candles in Russian Churches and also wearing the kipper (skull cap) in Synagogues. What can you expect from a leader like that? To put it more bluntly, his grandfather was a chef for Lenin and Stalin (obviously trusted) and his father was in the KGB instruments that killed and tortured innocent Russian people during Stalin ’s time.

      ROCOR Epistle of October 2000 and Statement to the Russian Orthodox People

      * Damns the MP for forceful confiscation of church and properties in Hebron in 1997.

      * Refers to MP being in heresy with the WCC .

      * States the WCC is a precursor for the one Church that will be there at the time of the Anti-Christ.

      * States that there was no repentance from the MP on anti-ecclesiastical actions of Metropolitan Sergius, of his Synod and of their successors. In other words, the ROCOR does not have any regard to the weak willed repentant statement made by the MP in 1991 and supposedly repeated in 2003.

      * States clearly that the MP sees ROCOR properties being his own and provides example of what the MP/USSR did with the properties confiscated by the MP in Israel in 1948.

      * States the indifference of the MP in respect to questions essential to the Church and that difference is not resolved even now.

      * Whilst the MP fulfilled the requirements of canonizing new martyrs, it defends the policy of Metropolitan Sergius and in doing so demeans the struggle of the New Martyrs.

      * States very clearly that the MP, being part of the WCC , is non-canonical and does not uphold the traditions of the holy fathers and that infringes on the very truth of Orthodoxy.

      * Claims the MP’s relationship with post Communist leadership is non-compatible because of the non-Christian policy furthered by the government to break down the Russian People and destroy Russia .

      It goes on to say this false spirit is not offset by the gilding of domes and the restoration of church buildings in which these very leaders are praised.

      It goes on to say the aesthetic regime has set people against one another and so concocted the “living Church” and other obstacles. It states “all of us must labour with great patience with love for the truth, otherwise there is a danger that we will fail to disentangle ourselves from the snares or may fall into them again”.

      * The MP has called us Schismatics.

      * The MP has intolerably violated canons of the Church, and ROCOR is slandered in all MP Church publications.

      * The MP has forcefully seized other properties from ROCOR in Germany , Denmark and Canada .

      * The MP ( Alexei II ) said they had no desire for unification with us on the proposed position of Truth; their preference is to crush ROCOR.

      * It says the MP is avoiding true union; it is not ready for it, because it knows it needs to give an honest account to the people (in other words Repent).

      * States quite clearly that the existing regime is a successor to the Soviet regime and adopts the laws of the Soviet system. In other words it has not changed much in that essence-the MP falls under the influence of that regime.

      * The Synod says it is convinced that the actions and persecutions by ROC against ROCOR is one of the steps being taken toward the establishment of the New World Order.

      It goes on to state the MP’s objective is to deprive the Russian people of their spiritual and cultural originality and to pervert and undermine Christian principles. The MP’s church itself is perverting the Orthodox faith through documents being published in the name of the MP.

      It goes on to say “the truth of the church is not being proclaimed, false teaching is not being condemned.

      6 Repentance of the MP

      The MP’s repentance in 1991 was quite dismal; in fact, it was little more than an excuse for the actions done by various MP’s from the time of MP Sergius . There is no personal repentance from the MP or their involvement in the KGB. MP church denied and so lied in the past about the MP’s involvement in the KGB. Even Protopriest Perekrestov admitted the Patriarch Alexei II (code name: Drozdrov) was a KBG agent.

      Again the 2000 Synod of Bishops declared the MP is unrepentant.

      Why then is the Church Helmsman Protopriest Peter Perekrestov writing good material about the MP and states in Section 12 that the MP has repented by way of good deeds- that include opening of Churches and praying some 300 times in a year.

      Why is Protopriest Peter Perekrestov stating in 2006 that the MP has repented in his statements in 1991 (and supposedly repeated in 2003) when the words used were so weak as to be an insult to readers.

      Protopriest Peter Perekrestov’s actions are indicative of him being a “mole” in ROCOR for the MP. His statements refute all things that came out of the ROCOR synod of Bishops meeting in 2000.

      The term “mole” was used in some of the internal ROCOR documents available in “Voice of Reason”; just the use of this term in connection with our Synod suggests internal ferment with some unworthy ministers and bishops in our Synod. There is evidence that Vladika Vitaly, prior to his retirement, has been undermined at the time when allegedly his memory began to lapse. I do not wish to say more on this matter; I just wanted to make a point.

      The same comes from Fr. Alexander Lebedeff where he re-stated in July 2002 the weak repentance statements of Alexei II in 1991.

      Why would Protopriest Peter Perekrestov misquote St John the Wonder Worker of Shanghai and San Francisco about the MP having grace?

      St John stated that Sergius had “fallen having entered a union with the godless” and went on to say “you cannot be with those who deviate from the Church canons”.

      Yet in 1971, our Synod stated ”the MP is canonically illegal”; also in September 1971, our Synod Epistle stated “the MP is propaganda apparatus for the godless authorities”.

      Why is Bishop Mark of Germany so prominent with the unification with the MP? Is it not true that Bishop Mark was supposed to be censured for attending a meeting with the MP without Synod authorization but the censure was not carried out? In fact, in 1996 Bishop Mark said that we should not get together with the MP yet at the same time he was discussing unification with the MP. If so, why wasn’t he censured or sacked for that and why is he playing a prominent role in the union process with the MP?

      7 What the “ACT” Means

      MP has the last say on ROCOR’s selection of the first Hierarch by the Synod of Bishops.

      MP has the last say on ROCOR’s selection of bishops by the Synod of Bishops.

      Supreme matters on ecclesiastical authority are with the MP

      MP can overrule ROCOR council of bishops on matters of church property, in other words it has control of all church properties

      Supreme ecclesiastical court will be with the MP

      All acts including anathemas directed at the MP are rescinded.

      The MP will be commemorated in services; some priests who so choose not to, will be required to do so, after 5 years- then it is mandatory.

      The above essentially means that the MP controls selection of ROCOR Hierarchs, hence priests and is given full control over church properties. The Synod owns nothing.

      8 Bishop Laurus' Address to Synod of Bishops on Joining the MP

      * States that most aspects dividing the two Churches have been resolved though that is not true.

      Refer to the 30 items forwarded to all ministers on 13 October, 2005.

      * States that the MP has abided with ROCOR's earlier request to venerate and Canonize Martyrs including Royal Family.

      * States clearly that the matter relating to MP membership of the WCC of Churches has not been resolved and that there remains an anathema on the WCC .

      Essentially it means that whilst most items have not been resolved, the union will still go ahead on May 17.

      What it means is that ROCOR will join the MP in heresy and will be part of the heretical body, the ' WCC ' and hence will be part of the church of the antichrist.

      9 Gathering information on the Internet.

      It has been brought to our attention that many persons like myself have been gathering information off the internet that would be regarded by the Synod as being misinformation.

      My comment on this matter is that we have been trying to find out what is going on and therefore trying to find the truth.

      Under normal circumstances, we would have expected to seek the information we want on the ROCOR site but the information on the ROCOR site has not been up-dated since June 2006. That in itself is an incredible situation given the criticality of the case in hand.

      As it turns out, all the information that should be on ROCOR site is in the “Voice of Reason” which I accidentally found when searching for information on the Synod of Bishops meeting in 2000. It happened to be at an obscure location and was in response to a matter I tried to find on the net.

      It suggested to me that the material in the “Voice of Reason” was deliberately hidden so that persons like myself would not have easy access to available information.

      It must be appreciated that there is deviousness when information such as this is not properly or openly presented to the flock.

      Misinformation as has happened with this whole issue is inevitably done on purpose and therefore is no different to a lie and this is not what would be expected of the Holy Synod of ROCOR.

      I need to say no more on this matter.

      Vladika, I beg of you to tell me I am wrong and why I am wrong with my assessment of the matter.

      10 The Want for Union

      Do not get me wrong on the matter of union, all of us want it, but not right now. Perhaps another time, when things become clearer and more open in the MP. Union with the MP now will break up parishes, cause family commotion and destroy friendships that developed over the years with brothers and sisters in our parishes.

      Why does it have to be May 17 for all the commotion to begin?

      Who wins other than the MP?

      Victor Proszenko"

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