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Service for Crown of Thorns?

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  • michael nikitin
    Orthodox Church does not have a service for the Crown of Thorns, or Nails . We have services for Chains of Apostle Peter and etc, but Crown of Thorns ? In
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2007
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      Orthodox Church does not have a service for the "Crown of
      Thorns, or Nails". We have services for "Chains of Apostle Peter"
      and etc, but "Crown of Thorns"?

      In the ektenia of peace in Slavonic, the Catholic archbishop of
      Paris was commemorated (his name is André Vingt-Trois
      Vingt-Trois, Andreï in Slavonic) and many years for him was
      proclaimed at the end of service.

      I believe the "Mother Church" sets a bad precedence to people
      when her bishops and priests go to a Latin Church to pray to
      something the Orthodox do not recognize. But, many people don't
      care and will simply say: "That's sooo nice".
      While Holy Metr. Philaret admonished Fr.Victor Poatapov for
      just commemorating an MP bishop at the Great Entrance.

      Excerpt from Holy Metr. Philaret's letter to Fr.Victor Potapov:
      "In concluding my lengthy letter, I should like to point several
      things out to you, Father. The Bishops' Sobor resolved to be
      guided by and to fulfill the Testament of Metropolitan Anastasy,
      in which the late First Hierarch bade us not to have any
      communion with the Soviet church whatsoever, not only no
      prayerful communion, but not even ordinary contact.
      On what basis then have you and other clergymen had direct
      relations with Father Dudko? And have written him letters, etc.?
      No matter how sincere a man you may have considered him to be,
      nevertheless, can your private opinion annul a ruling adopted by
      the Church? Now, had Father Dudko said: I am breaking with the
      official church and leaving her then you could have
      entered into lively contact with him. But in the absence of that,
      your actions constitute a violation of ecclesiastical discipline.
      Dudko wrote to me personally, but I did not answer him although I
      could have said much. By the way, on what basis did you, even
      before this, take into your head to commemorate an archbishop of
      the Soviet church during the Great Entrance?
      Who gave you the right to do that, which hierarch
      who, how, where, when?.. Be more careful, my dear, zealous, but,
      ah, too impetuous fellow minister!

      This is the "Church" we are joining? Sad.


      Michael N

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