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Report to the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church

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  • Basil Yakimov
    Dear All, Father Lev Lebedeff died in the Synod building when he came to give this important report below, it is indeed somewhat paradoxical that the soviet MP
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2007
      Dear All,

      Father Lev Lebedeff died in the Synod building when he came to give this

      important report below, it is indeed somewhat paradoxical that the soviet MP metr. Nikodim died at the feet of the heretic pope in Rome... his disciple metr. Kyril rumoured to be also a secret catholic, apart from being the current No 1 ecumenist in the MP, who

      has just taken the ROCA church complex in full - in BARI, Italy from his "now" friend (as Archbishop Mark stated in the SF SOBOR to my question that he once hated this ecumenist/kgb agent) - so forget about Ottawa, Hebron, Jericho... “33 serebreniki” of betrayal of ROCA have been accepted and extinguished... long live the republic! long live the unia with the MP! but alas the MP Bishop Diomid has said the TRUTH about the post soviet MP! I hope this will awaken the sleeping and indifferent many in our ROCA parishes before the 11th hour……….. O Lord so help me!

      Glory to God! Vechnaya Pamyat to a true ROCA priest Father Lebed! Unworthy protodeacon Basil from Canberra

      Report to the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church

      Outside Russia

      Archpriest Lev Lebedeff



      The world and humanity, plunging ever deeper and more rapidly into the
      state of Sodom and Gomorrah, are moving inexorably towards completion
      of the new Tower of Babel of the "new world order" - in other words,
      towards Antichrist. After him will follow the Second Glorious Coming of Christ.
      This is the essence of the point in time through which we are living.


      Against the background of these occurrences and in the context of them
      it is especially sad to see the majority of the once Orthodox local
      Churches being actively drawn into this world wide construction process through
      the ecumenical and interfaith movement, and drawing their flocks into the
      Ziggurat of this new Babylon. The only significant island of God's
      truth still left in the world is the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
      ("ROCA"). Some of the Old Calendar groups in Greece, Romania and
      Bulgaria, as well as individual zealots of Orthodoxy in other countries have
      become smaller islands standing firm in the truth.


      The Moscow Patriarchate ("MP"), which was unlawful (uncanonical) in its
      very origin, is by its nature an ecclesiastical organization which,
      since 1927 and in the guise of serving Christ, has been actively serving
      Antichrist. Therefore it is far from surprising, in fact it is
      completely logical, that now the MP is actively taking part in constructing the
      Babylon of the new world order; this was stated precisely and
      accurately in the "Appeal" dated 30 October / 12 November 1997 from the Conference of
      ROCA Bishops in Russia held in Yalta.

      The occasional outbursts of anti-ecumenical sentiment within the MP as
      well as protests by individual members of its clergy against countless other
      acts of departure from the truth are nothing more than the feeble
      convulsions of an organism that is dying or already dead.

      All this is attributable to the fact that the present Russian speaking
      population of the Russian Federation, including that part of it which
      professes the Orthodox faith, is in a state where it completely
      "believes a lie." This is to be typical of people in the times of Antichrist and is
      described by St. Paul as God's punishment "because they received not
      the love of truth" (II Thess. 2, 10-11).


      The entire Russian Orthodox people (including some 80 million people in
      the central part of Russia alone), together with Holy Russia itself, was in
      large measure physically destroyed during the period from 1917 to 1945
      - in just 28 years! Thus it was that the Lord granted the Russian People,
      through crucifixion on the Golgotha of history, to attain to a
      victorious resurrection in the Jerusalem on High of the Kingdom of Heaven, thereby
      removing this people from the contemporary historical process. At the
      same time starting in 1917 a new "Soviet people" was artificially cultivated
      in the USSR - a "new historical community" as the party and government of
      the USSR expressed it in 1977.

      But when put to the test this "new Soviet people" proved to be not even
      a people, since it has no sense of its own unity, but a conglomerate of
      Russian speaking population, and it has completely gone to pieces since
      1991. Therefore, with the exception of a small remnant of Russians
      living abroad, at the present time the Russian people no longer exists on this


      The Russian speaking believers in Russia are characterized by a
      predominance of earthly interests over spiritual, by an underhand,
      dishonest psychology, by "believing a lie," and by "the fearful, and
      unbelieving, and the abominable" (Rev. 21,8). Magic and sorcery have
      spread to an extraordinary degree. Nobody seeks Christ and His righteousness:
      each seeks only "his own." What really proves this is that since 1990-1991,
      in circumstances of real freedom of conscience in Russia, the Russian
      speakers have not turned en masse, as an entire people, to the Church and to

      A certain insignificant revival of faith and a trickle of young people
      into the Church has taken place, but now even this is on the wane. If we go
      by the statistics, at the present time in the Russian Federation there are
      no more than 15-20 million Orthodox believers, and only half as many
      attend church. According to the data of the MP, while as recently as
      1993 voluntary donations from individuals made up 43% of all the
      "patriarchate's" revenues, in 1997 they represented only 6%! The
      "patriarchate" obtains the rest from usurious money-lending, trading in
      oil, vodka and tobacco and from other forms of "business," as well as
      from poorly understood foreign sources.

      It is sometimes said that in Russia there is no small number of good,
      fine people. But the same could be said of the Catholics and Protestants in
      any western country. It is also said that in Russia even now one can find,
      even in the bosom of the MP, pious people zealously struggling in prayer and
      fasting. But it is important to understand that these are not the first
      rays of sunrise, but the last rays of the sunset. On a rubbish dump you
      might find antiques, icons and even things made of gold, but still it
      is not a palace and not a temple, but just a rubbish dump.100 years ago,
      in 1899, Vladika Anthony (Khrapovitsky) wrote of the "unchurched" part of
      Russian society of his time: "It is no longer a people, but a rotting
      corpse, which takes its rotting as a sign of life, while on it, or in
      it, live only moles, worms and foul insects... for in a living body they
      would find no satisfaction for their greed, and there would be nothing for
      them to live on" (Talberg, "History of the Russian Church," Jordanville,
      1959, p. 831). At the end of the last century and the beginning of our
      twentieth century this rotting part of the Russian population made up about 5 -
      6% of the total. Now, at the end of the twentieth century, in Russia it
      constitutes 94 - 95%. The entire Russian Federation taken as a whole is
      a "rotting corpse."


      One cannot but admit that the apostate, heretical and criminal state of
      the overwhelming majority of the MP hierarchy corresponds entirely to this
      state of society as a whole; it is one of the "moles" or "worms"
      greedily devouring whatever it can still find to devour in the rotting corpse.
      Under these circumstances what can the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
      have in common with the Moscow "Patriarchate"? Nothing! Hence it
      follows that any kind of "dialogue" or "conference" with the MP with the aim of
      clarifying "what divides us and what unites us" is either an abysmal
      failure to understand the essence of things or a betrayal of God's
      truth and the Church. What divides us is literally everything! And what
      unites us is nothing, except perhaps the outward forms of church buildings,
      clerical vestments and the order of services (but not in all respects even

      Therefore it is necessary to realize clearly and confirm officially
      that now the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia is not a part of the
      Church of Russia, but the only lawful Russian Church in all its fullness!

      We must also understand that this is realized by the Moscow

      This is the reason why it is seeking to be recognized just as it is
      (without rejecting its apostasy and heresies) by the ROCA. Such
      "recognition" of the MP by the ROCA would provide the MP with the
      appearance of legitimacy in the eyes of the entire world. But this
      cannot be allowed to happen.

      The ROCA must renounce its dreams and illusions regarding the "rebirth
      of Russia." Unless there is to be some extraordinary and unpredictable
      intervention of God in earthly affairs, and assuming that by His
      permission and providence everything continues in the same direction as at
      present, then Russia is finished. May God only grant that through excessive
      attachment to Russia the ROCA will not plunge together with it into the
      abyss of perdition. Now it is necessary just to "hold fast to that
      which you have." And if one's soul still suffers pain for the Russian
      speaking population of Russia, then it is only through constant and firm reproof
      of the MP, and not through making advances towards it, that it is possible
      to save those in Russia who still seek salvation and are capable of
      accepting it.

      It is therefore essential to return to the uncompromising attitude
      towards the MP which was taken by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
      from the beginning. And it is quite wrong, under the pretext of "the good of
      the Church" and "operational efficiency," to undermine the authority of a
      Primate of the ROCA who is capable of distinguishing truth from
      falsehood and of "discerning the spirits."

      Recently the ROCA has been afflicted by a whole series of disasters one
      after the other. The murder of the guardian of the miraculous
      Myrrh-streaming Iveron icon was especially terrible. Remember that the
      miraculous flow of holy oil from it began in 1982. Just before that the
      ROCA had glorified the Holy New Martyrs of Russia, lead by the Royal
      Family, among the choir of the saints, and in 1983 the anathema was
      proclaimed against the heresy of ecumenism. It is clear that the flow
      of holy oil from the Iveron icon was a sign of God's approval of the ROCA
      for its firm stand in the truth against all kinds of falsehood, including
      the falsehood of the MP. But now it is after the very indecisive
      resolutions of the Bishops' Council of the ROCA in 1993 and 1994 and the subsequent
      steps taken by some of our hierarchs towards rapprochement with the MP that
      these disasters began, one after the other - disasters which bear witness to
      the withdrawal of God's beneficence towards our Church, because of its
      deviation from the truth. How many more disasters do the supporters of
      fraternization with the criminal and heretical MP wish to bring down
      upon us?

      May 1998

      Address given by Metropolitan Vitaly at the funeral of Archpriest
      Lev Lebedeff

      Christ is Risen!, Christ is Risen!, Christ is Risen!

      In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

      Today we have held the funeral of an outstanding pastor of our Russian
      Orthodox Church Outside Russia and prepared him for burial and for his
      eternal repose in the Heavenly Kingdom.

      Through his death each Orthodox Christian, even the most insignificant
      person in society, always leaves some kind of spiritual lesson and
      edification. For each Christian, if he is in some measure a Christian,
      fulfills at least one word of the Gospel in his life. How much the more
      does this apply to such an outstanding pastor as was Father Archpriest
      Lev Lebedeff, who lived his whole life in full view of all! He has left us
      a remarkable example and spiritual lesson.

      We are all sinful people. We are all, without exception, given over to
      passions, or vices, but with most of us our passions overtake us and
      often darken our reason and the feeling powers of our hearts, to such an
      extentthat we lose our objectivity and our view of the world becomes somewhat

      Father Lev Lebedeff was no stranger to human passions and we all know

      He did not conceal it, but he had a special gift of the Holy Spirit and
      this passion of his in no way clouded his reason or the powers of his
      heart. He always saw exactly what was right and what was not right,
      truth and falsehood, and he expressed his thoughts boldly and openly. This is
      a very rare gift of God, when a human passion is quite unable to affect
      the human thought processes and the feeling powers of the heart. Fr. Lev
      Lebedeff preserved this special gift of God throughout his life. This
      is why we listened to him. And this is why we considered him to be a most
      worthy pastor. So may God grant us to receive even a tiny fraction of
      thisgift - to receive God's gift of seeing truth and falsehood and their
      utterly opposite nature in full clarity.

      Most Reverend Bishops, that is exactly what I wish with all my heart
      forall of us. Amen.

      Metropolitan Vitaly

      May 1998

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