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Dreadful news of murdered Serbian nun

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  • Hristofor/ХристофорЪ
    Remmember in thy prayers soul of murdered Serbian Orthodox Nun Seraphima. Link to original article: in Serbian:
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 6, 2007
      Remmember in thy prayers soul of murdered Serbian Orthodox Nun Seraphima.

      Link to original article: in Serbian:



      Dreadful news of murdered Serbian nun

      *Sister Serafima (Andjelka Mijailovic) has been found with a broken neck
      next to a railway track near Staro Selo*

      Sister Serafima (Andjelka Mijailovic), aged 34, was murdered on the night of
      February 21-22, 2007, on the Tesaloniki - Belgrade international train, and
      her body was found next to a railway in Staro Selo, near a small town of
      Velika Plana. Sister Serafima, born in Valjevo, was a nun at a monastery in
      Tesaloniki, and was buried yesterday at the Celije monastery near Valjevo.

      Although it is not known at this moment who had murdered Serafima, her
      father Branko Mijailovic suspects that the 3 Albanians who were on the
      same train, had thrown her body off the train, about 100 kilometers from

      Even though Serafima has been reported missing by her fellow female
      passenger, who has also given Serafima's documents to the police, the police
      had not been able to identify the victim for 6 days, and she was initially
      buried as an unknown person. Her father, who lives with his family in
      Germany, says that Serafima went to see her family, via Belgrade, so that
      she could obtain the documents for her transfer from Saloniki in Greece to
      the Zica monastery in Serbia.

      - Serafima was sitting in a train compartment near Presevo (southern
      Serbia), when 3 Albanian men had entered it. As she was bothered by the
      smoke, she asked the train official to be moved to another compartment. She,
      being a nun, was logically uncomfortable sitting next to 3 men. Serafima was
      then transfered to the compartment number 5. There was a woman from Krusevac
      in that compartment. At about 9 pm, this woman went to get some sandviches
      and when she returned, 8 to 10 minutes later, Serafima was gone, says
      Serafima's father.

      Her belongings had remained at the compartment and this woman - the fellow
      passenger - was interviewed by the police. She had initially reported
      Serafima's disapppearance and had handed her belongings to the train
      official. He, however, claimed that Serafima got out at the Rakovica station
      to buy a sandvich.

      Among her personal belongings, her cell phone was found, and in it, the
      number of her uncle. The police informed him of her disappearance.

      - At about the same time, on Feb. 22, at 11 am, a female shepherd discovered
      the body in the village Staro Selo, of a nun in her uniform. Next to her
      there was a pair of jeans. The body lay just 6 meters away from the rail
      tracks. My daughter did not wear jeans ever since she became a nun 10 years
      ago, says her father.

      - She was found in her socks which were clean. Her boots were not found so
      it is suspected that those men had held her by the legs when they had thrown
      her off the train. It is not clear where they hid her body from Presevo to
      Staro Selo. (Comment by Alex: If they had thrown her out in Presevo, the
      suspected murderers would almost certainly be classified as Albanians.
      Instead, they waited and threw her body when they passed the troubled
      Presevo Valley. Presevo Valley is located in southern Serbia, adjacent to
      Kosovo, and the Albanians want to seceede this region and connect it to
      Kosovo and Greater Albania).

      But, this is where the real drama for the family began. Forensic experts
      have determined that she was not raped, and that the cause of her death was
      a broken neck.

      - After my brother had informed me on the news of her disappearance, her
      body has been transfered to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Belgrade.
      After the obduction has been performed on the body, it has been transfered
      to the local authorities in Velika Plana, which failed to identify her! So,
      she was classified as Jane Do (an unknown person), and buried at the local
      cemetery. Only yesterday we managed to unbury her and transfer her body to
      Valjevo and bury her at the Celije monastery. I do not understand why the
      Belgrade authorities did not inform their colleagues in the rest of Serbia
      that a nun has disappeared. (Comment by Alex: That way the authorities in
      Velika Plana would have known her identity).

      *Her Yugoslav passport (still used by Serbia) and her Serbian ID card
      were stolen. Her other belongings - German passport and documents, bank
      cards and 50 euros in cash - remained intact. Therefore, robbery has been
      ruled out as motive for the murder. The theft of a Yugoslav passport also
      points out that the murderers were Albanians, because forging stolen
      Yugoslav passports is a very profitable business for them. Serafima was a
      citizen of both Serbia and Germany.*

      *The End.*

      Serbian police are still conducting an investigation and have nothing to
      say on the case, but *Kurir* has learned that the monks and nuns in Kosovo
      have offered their help in the investigation. Serbian embassies in Germany
      and Greece are also silent about the case. German police have been included
      in the investigation as well.



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    • boulia_1
      Horrifying. But we re not hearing about this on US TV. But, then again, Fox News barely discussed yesterday s outcome of the Libby trial, either (it not being
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 7, 2007
        Horrifying. But we're not hearing about this on US TV. But, then
        again, Fox News barely discussed yesterday's outcome of the Libby
        trial, either (it not being good news for the Bush

        A current article in Germany's Der Spiegel also exposes rising anti-
        Serb violence, here in Croatia:


        "God May Forgive, We Don't"
        By Marion Kraske
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