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RE: [orthodox-synod] Indeed very acute and how distorted we have become vis a vis the post sov. MP...

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  • Elias G Gorsky
    So our dear Protodeacon, You are now reposting it, yet again? So that you would be banned for another year, yet again? Are so tired of writing on the Internet
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 5, 2007
      So our dear Protodeacon,

      You are now reposting it, yet again? So that you would be banned for another
      year, yet again? Are so tired of writing on the Internet so soon?

      With the Great Fast,

      Archpriest Ilya Gorsky

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      From: Basil Yakimov [mailto:byakimov@...]
      Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2007 8:24 PM
      To: rocaclergy@yahoogroups.com; orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [orthodox-synod] Indeed very acute and how distorted we have become
      vis a vis the post sov. MP...

      It seems this is the letter, some time back, that I reposted and at the
      behest of then Bishop Kyrill my archbishop banned me from the internet...

      Interesting but sad... the time will come even for a Bishop to answer....
      we will all answer to GOD!

      unworthy protodeacon Basil from Canberra

      Dear brothers and sisters,
      NOTE THE LAST PARAGRAPH...the words of Met Philaret two weeks before
      his repose.


      Subject: Fw: letters between Fr. Andrew Kencis and Vl. Kyrill..

      "The following is an exchange between +ROCOR Priest Andrew
      Kencis and Bishop Kyrill of Seattle concerning the re-posting of
      a letter between them.

      [Fr Andrew Kencis is now a ROCOR(V) priest serving in
      Edmonton Alberta CANADA]

      Subject: Re: a letter from Bishop Kyrill
      Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 12:45:01 -0600

      Vl. Kyrill: Dear in Christ Father Andrew,
      Personally, I have no quarrel with you - despite your "friendly"
      phone message several months past. I have not changed my
      views. They have remained the same - as we have discussed
      in Mulino.

      Fr. Andrew: Dear Bishop Kyrill,
      Forgive me but you have changed your views by your actions.
      I remember a Bishop [Kyrill] who inspired me when he said that
      he would not "seek after shiny miters" and "let them take our
      churches we will serve in living rooms!"

      I remember a Bishop [Kyrill] who would not serve with the
      Serbs and made a point about it... but now what do we

      The metropolitan told me many years ago "everyone will deny
      and condemn ecumenism, but when we look at their actions we
      see something else."

      I do not call you an ecumenist. I only see that you
      have bent yourself to the winds of Archbishop Mark.

      I still remember you telling me how he accompanied you on
      *a walk around central park* in New York trying to recruit you..
      Forgive me Vladika you have changed and I grieve.

      Vl. Kyrill: I feel that my statement need not be posted at this time

      Fr. Andrew: "At this time?" Why not? It shows to people that indeed
      the church
      IS talking different then it did just a few years ago. Besides it was
      on the "official site" It is a public document.

      Vl. Kyrill: why did you return it to the website after you were
      to remove it?

      Fr. Andrew: Because it need to be re-posted. Besides I received
      requests for

      Vl. Kyrill: Please remove it immediately.

      Fr. Andrew: I cannot...

      Vl. Kyrill: I simply want you to know that no one in their right
      mind wishes
      to join with the Moscow Patriarchate - the leader of which just
      recently stated that ecumenism is necessary in that it is impossible
      to ignore other christians (ed. hetrodox).

      Fr. Andrw: Then say so publicly! Then allow the Metropolitan's
      letter to be

      Also then tell me very clearly and without "a politicians guile"
      why the synod is...

      Vl. Kyrill: Our beloved Church Abroad has not changed her position
      80 years past. If language, syntax lead people to feel otherwise,
      it is very unfortunate.

      Fr. Andrew: "very unfortunate!" Then why do the bishops show an
      unprecedented coldness and cruelty to those who asked
      questions? One of the most "milk toast" of our priests up
      here recently said to Bishop Michael... "Vladika all the bishops
      had to do is answer our questions at the first and all of this
      would have stopped immediately." Even father Christopher
      Birchall wrote this to Bishop Gabriel in January.

      But what do we see... we are assaulted and insulted by the likes
      of Lebedeff, Whitford, Shaw, Potopovs, etc.

      We see the French clergy brave in their stand for the truth of our
      church and the Mark machine trying to crush them to NO avail,
      we see every continent issuing statements. There has been NO
      peace in the church since your "errors of syntax" and NO
      attempts at calming the flock only threats and name calling.

      No Vladika please do not insult my intelligence with these
      low level attempts. You see I know too much of what is behind
      the scenes. I wish I didn't I would like to be back in those days of
      But I am not.

      May the Mother of God cover us with her omophorion.She will keep
      the true members and sons and Daughters of the confessing
      Church Abroad in full unity of this I am sure of.

      Metropolitan Philaret two weeks before his righteous end
      said that "after my death our beloved Church Abroad will break
      three ways... first the greeks will leave us as they where never
      a part of us... then those who live for this world and its glory will
      go to Moscow... what will remain will be those souls faithful to
      Christ and His Church."

      I never forgot this and believed that it would happen. Now I do.

      Priest Andrew Kencis "

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