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wait another year

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  • Bushunow, Peter
    JRS writes : In reality, those who are still opposed to reconciliation do not want to wait another year . Their goal is to stop the reconciliation process,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2007
      JRS writes ": In reality, those who are still opposed to reconciliation
      do not want to "wait another
      Their goal is to stop the reconciliation process, permanently."

      Yes, Fr. John, you are correct that there is no set amount of TIME that
      needs to pass before reconciliation. You are NOT correct that those who
      question the union want the process to stop.

      What I am waiting for is the criteria for reconciliation to be met.
      These criteria were clearly set forth by Hierarchs of ROCOR and
      reiterated and clarified over and over. References to them have been
      posted on this list many times. An excellent summary is found in the
      Document adopted by the Council of Bishops of the Russian Church Abroad
      2/15 March 1990 (which is specific to clergy under the omophor of ROCOR
      in Russia) but certainly applicable to our global church.

      "The clergy are not to join in Eucharistic communion with the Moscow
      Patriarchate until it renounces the declaration of Metropolitan Sergius,
      until it repents of the error which followed this uncanonical
      declaration, and removes those ruling bishops who have compromised
      themselves by uncanonical and immoral acts....."

      The document continues to list 9 "errors" of the MP, including #5. "The
      participation and membership in the World Council of Churches and the
      ecumenical movement, for the creation of a worldwide "church" that would
      unite all heresies and religions."

      (I have a PDF of this article from Orthodox Life and from "Pravoslavnaya
      Rus and would be glad to email it to anyone who requests, this list does
      not accept attachments.)

      So, when Patriarch Alexey clearly and openly condemns the actions of
      Metropolitan Sergei; when the MP withdraws from the WCC, when all the
      new martyrs including St. Joseph of Petrograd are recognized (not merely
      "rehabilitated") I will gladly join you in celebrating the repentance of
      the Moscow part of the Russian Church.

      Reader Peter

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