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Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Parish in Binghamton, NY Area

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  • Carol
    Must admit, there may not be many but they seem very united, and agape love is very prevalent, so it seems. I live maybe three hrs East of them, and maybe
    Message 1 of 15 , Feb 16, 2007
      Must admit, there may not be many but they seem very united, and agape love
      is very prevalent, so it seems. I live maybe three hrs East of them, and
      maybe should some day visit. Am sure they have been visitors at my church as
      well, and did not realize it. Looks inviting to me, and such a nice history.

      Think the uniting of ROCOR and Moscow Church should not cause people to
      panic. Our Lord is in charge, and will prevail! We have rights to have
      questions and want to be sure all is well. We do need to hold to our faith
      that God will , in the end, never fail us.It is just too early to jump to
      conclusions, and we must see what our Lord has in store for us in the end.
      Well, this is my interpretation, but that is just me, and I do not have all
      the answers. God does have the answers, and am sure he would want us to have
      faith, and wait for him to show us where we are being led.

      But the people of this church, seem to be filled with God's love. Such a
      nice church it would be a pity, I think, for anyone to leave hastily.

      In Christ,

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      On Feb 12, 2007, at 5:14 PM, Fr. John R. Shaw wrote:
      > JRS: A few minutes ago, I received an e-mail from Bishop
      > Christodoulos, announcing a new
      > website, with photos of his visit to Fr. Thomas Maretta's new parish.
      > There are three photos that give a what appears to be a complete view
      > of everyone in the
      > congregation there yesterday.
      > I counted only 16 individuals, aside from the clergy.
      > People were saying that 40 people had left with Fr. Thomas and only
      > 10 stayed, but
      > judging from these pictures, it looks more like the other way around.


      I got a conservative count of 23 adults in church, not including clergy
      or children. In the photos of the festivities after the Liturgy of 15
      adults shown there was only one positive match with someone
      photographed during the service. Granted -- head coverings, change of
      position, incompletely shown features, etc. could account for more
      overlap. So let's split the difference; that makes at least 30
      individuals, plus clergy and children.

      But the real point is not how many people in attendance in
      Binghamton/Endicott/Owego made it into the photographs that made it
      onto the web. The real point is that it is tragic that clergy,
      monastics and laity are leaving ROCOR because ROCOR is leaving the
      confession of the New Martyrs and its first hierarchs of blessed


      > The church is said to have been recently built, but as I wrote
      > before, it does not look as
      > though it was designed as an Orthodox church.
      > Perhaps some other denomination had built it, but then failed with
      > payments or some
      > such thing?

      Below is the description of the about the design and construction of
      the church:

      While on a pilgrimage to the holy places of Greece several years ago,
      the devout couple Dr. Lazarus and Rachel Gehring conceived a desire to
      erect a private chapel on their property in Owego, New York. It was
      about this time that the Russian Church Abroad, of which they were
      members, began moving in the direction of union with the Moscow
      Patriarchate. This move elicited considerable resistance in the
      Gehring's parish, and Lazarus and Rachel responded to the developing
      crisis by expanding their original plans for a tiny chapel to building
      an edifice large enough to accommodate all the local True Orthodox
      Christians. A gifted stonemason and builder, Mark Arrow, was engaged,
      and work began. Soon an amazing structure was rising in the countryside
      of upstate New York, a building unparalleled in the New World.
      The Gehring's chapel, dedicated to our venerable Father Maximus the
      Confessor, is based on the beautiful 9th and 10th century Orthodox
      churches of Asturias in north-western Spain and is in every detail
      faithful to the originals. This small but stunning monument is
      testimony in stone to the fact that Orthodox Christianity is that very
      faith spread by the holy Apostles throughout the known world and common
      to East and West alike in the first Christian millenium.

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