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Re: Consider the Consequences: is the MP really pro Christian Monarchy?

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  • interestedplus
    Dear Dimitra, Thank you very much for the link. Certainly an Orthodox Tsar is NOT part of anti-Christ s minions! I m aware of the prophesies and believe, as
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 1, 2007
      Dear Dimitra,

      Thank you very much for the link. Certainly an Orthodox Tsar is NOT
      part of anti-Christ's minions! I'm aware of the prophesies and
      believe, as you do, that they will come to pass. But what makes you
      think that the current pro-Putin, pro-masonic, pro-democratic, ANTI-
      Russian people and PRO soviet-like centralised oligarchical power
      (in spite of the people) current MP leadership would support a Tsar?

      Surely you have read monarchistic Orthodox groups giving a very
      different view of how the MP oligarchy supports internationalist
      anti-Russian policies, totally supporting "dubious" or even anti-
      Christian power brokers in the RF? Many inside Russia do not trust
      the MP to be on the side of the rank and file, or the people's true
      symbol of protection and wellbeing - a Christian monarch.

      An Orthodox Monarch is a servant of the people, the babushki, the
      street children, the mums and dads. He follows Christ's example of
      self sacrifice for others. Anyone familiar with Russian history
      knows this. The best example is St Nicholas, our last Tsar. Other
      examples are the Tsars murdered for their Christian stance against
      the powers of the world. The current MP leaders say whatever one
      wants them to, often contradicting themselves, so that people who
      wish to, can find "official statements" that make them look
      favourable to the populace, while continuing their own agenda. Very
      political tactics, just like our good ol' Western politicians!

      I suppose this is most clearly demonstrated by how the MP views the
      new Royal Martyrs. ROCA proslavili/glorified the Tsar and his family
      much earlier and as - Mucheniki (Martyrs). This means that our
      Church considers them to have suffered for the Faith/Church/Christ.
      The MP glorified them under immense grass roots pressure. I know
      from witnesses in Belorus, that priests told their Bishops they were
      going to leave the MP and have to join ROCA or other jurisdictions
      under pressure from the masses of believers if the hierarchy did not
      act. The MP finally conceded and had a gorgeous televised ceremony
      (with possibly the wrong remains - but thats complicating the
      present argument).

      They glorified the Royal Martyrs as "strastoterptsi" to appease the
      many VIPs who were less than happy with the decision. Now most
      people didn't mind the difference, many didn't understand it, and
      those who did were just overjoyed the MP was doing something finally
      resembling a response in line with the feelings of believers. But
      why strastoterptsi(/those having endured passions?) Because the
      Church definition of this glorification is for those Christians who
      withstood suffering (anything from serious persecution, to
      imprisonment, to death) in an exemplary Christian manner. No-one
      could argue with that.

      Why not martyrs though? Because accepting a martyred family of the
      Tsar says:

      1. too much about a voluntary Golgotha. We know Nicholas II had a
      pretty good idea what he and his loved ones were going to go through
      (lots of prophesies he was very aware of), but he chose this
      selfless path for the people, for Truth, for Christ.

      2. too much about the planned murder, its symbolism for the powers
      of this world, in their rejection and battle with the principles
      that the Orthodox Royals represented.

      So in this context the MPs glorification could be seen as a
      pragmatic politically adapted move, still in the spirit of the
      current neo-soviet power brokers. A compromised move, that fogs the
      Truth. A trully sergianist move. Just what you asked for - with just
      a drop of poison. A lie.

      I suppose when the Tsar does appear, if he is powerful enough, these
      people will be the ones bowing lowest. While someone is watching
      that is. Hopefully they will no longer be there to poison his court.

      The other issue, Dimitra, is the AWFULLY short time that this last
      Christian Monarch will rule (which I've read is less than 2
      generations) before D-Day, war with the forces of anti-Christ and
      our Lord's second coming. Who knows how much needs to change in
      Russia before this annointed of the Lord appears, but once he does,
      woe to those who see him, as truly things will be wrapping up.

      IMHO a lot needs to improve in the "Russian Federation", before this
      hour. It needs to become Russia for one. And I would hate to be on
      the side of forces that are trying to support world sanctioned
      government in Russia, a robber government, with a pseudo-Church
      structure supporting it, rather than promoting the spirit of Truth
      that will allow an Orthodox Monarch to take the reigns.

      I'd be grateful if you keep me in your prayers.

      your sister in Christ,

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, DDD <dimitradd@...> wrote:
      > I beg all of you to truly "consider the consequences" - what if
      > are right and "world Orthodoxy" and the MP are being used to set
      > this false church that will accept anti-Christ?
      > worried sinner
      > alexandra
      > ________________________________________________________________
      > Here is another prophecy:
      > http://www.geocities.com/kitezhgrad/prophets/grekoru.html
      > Is this God-fearing, God-bearing Tsar part of antichrist's minions?
      > --Dimitra Dwelley
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