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Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: The Revniteli Society of Metropolitan Anthony of Blessed Memory

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  • michael nikitin
    Does Fr.Victor consider the statements below from our new Russian Martyrs, previous hierarch s and Synod Resolution, attacks on our Church? Michael N
    Message 1 of 25 , Jan 1, 2007
      Does Fr.Victor consider the statements below from our new Russian
      Martyrs, previous hierarch's and Synod Resolution, attacks on our

      Michael N

      "All of the elections of Patriarchs in Moscow, beginning in 1943,
      are invalid on the basis of the 30th Canon of the Holy Apostles
      and the 3rd Canon of the 7th Ecumenical Council"

      "We will not give the Church as a sacrifice over
      to the mercy of the BETRAYERS OF GOD and foul
      politicians and agents of atheism and destruction.
      And by this protest we do NOT cut ourselves off from
      her, but WE cut THEM off from US and boldly say: not
      only have we NOT gone away and do NOT go away and will
      NEVER go away from the bosom of the TRUE Orthodox
      Church, but those who are not with us and for us but
      are against us we consider Her ENEMIES, BETRAYERS, AND
      MURDERERS. It is not WE who go into schism by not
      submitting to Metropolitan Sergius, but rather YOU who
      are obedient to him go with him into THE ABYSS OF THE
      CHURCH'S CONDEMNATION.---Saint Joseph of Petrograd,

      Excerpts from St.Metr.Philaret's letter to fr.Victor Potapov.
      [..."we receive the clergymen from Moscow not as ones possessing
      grace, but as ones receiving it by the very act of union. But to
      recognize the church of the evil-doers as the bearer and
      repository of grace, that we cannot do, of course. For outside
      of Orthodoxy there is no grace; and the Soviet church has
      deprived itself of grace."]

      What then is the Soviet church? Archimandrite Constantine has
      often and insistently stated that the most horrible thing that
      the God-hating regime has done in Russia is the creation of the
      Soviet Church, which the Bolsheviks presented to the people as
      the true Church, having driven the genuine Orthodox
      Church into the catacombs or into the concentration camps.

      This pseudo-church has been twice anathematized."

      At this time the then Archbishop Vitaly (Ustinov) of Montreal
      concurred totally with Metropolitan Philaret's evaluation. In a
      sympathetic yet uncompromising article which he published in the
      August 1980 *Parish Newsletter* of his St. Nicholas Cathedral in
      Montreal... he wrote: "... And in this good, urgent impulse of
      ours we somehow completely forgot a very important fact which no
      power can erase from life ... Father Dimitry forgot, as we all
      did, this fact which cannot be wiped away by time or by
      life. And this fact is the Soviet Moscow Patriarchate. We are in
      no way mistaken when we call the Patriarchate Soviet ... Such a
      corrupt, anti-canonical organism was not able, of course, to
      inspire Father Dimitry to follow the way of confession, much less
      of martyrdom, to the end. Father Dimitry's whole mistake is found
      in the fact that, although he often condemned and exposed his
      Soviet hierarchs, still he never separated himself from the
      Patriarchate as an organism, but even defended it as his own
      legal authority."

      under * article * section. Letter to a priest concerning the
      origin and status of the Moscow Patriarchate By Metropolitan
      Vitaly ..."the Moscow Patriarchate has lost the Apostolic
      Succession, which is to say, that it has lost the Grace of

      --- frvictor@... wrote:

      > We have been enduring, tolerating such insults on this list
      > such as "you are red as a beat." But don't worry, such
      > Macarthyite tactics will not stop the faithful from defending
      > the conciliar decisions of our Church.
      > The complaint, however, dear moderator, is not over the
      > personal insults which you repeatedly permit on this list, but
      > the attacks on our Church, on the coniliar decisions of our
      > Church and on our bishops which you permit. You say we should
      > just endure, yet in all the times you chose to jump in, it is
      > over Fr. Vadim's very mild post.
      > I think this all proves, once again, that this list has hit a
      > dead end, and it is time to put it out of its misery. On the
      > other hand, if it allows a forum for those who think they are
      > smarter than our bishops to vent, and in the process feel they
      > are making somce difference, then I suppose it serves some
      > purpose.
      > Priest Victor Boldewskul
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      > From: "Rev Fr Mark Gilstrap" <fr.mark@...>
      > --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, DDD <dimitradd@...>
      > wrote:
      > > DD: And yet, how many times have we had to endure the term
      > "pro-union" or even the derogatory "pro-unia" labels?
      > Father Nikita Grigoriev, Rector of St John of Kronstadt parish
      > in Utica MY, and Instructor of Apologetics at Jordanville, in
      his letter on the history of church relations, "ROCA, The Beacon
      of Light", uses the terms Pro-Union and Contra-Union which he
      then abbreviates as PU and CU.
      > I don't know what the original Russian terms were, but in
      > English this is decidedly a zinger. Otherwise I never thought
      of Pro-Union as an
      > insult. But maybe that's because I am pro-union in a very real,
      > but cautious, way. ("Life is not so simple as to be able to
      > pigeonhole everyone")
      > One could also interpret the english abbreviation "CU" as a
      > departing comment, and thereby turn it into an insult too. So
      you see, there
      > is always a balance, but we only seem to wince and complain
      > when it is
      > our ox being gored. Maybe we should instead try to, more often,
      > just endure.
      > prM
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    • Mike Woodson
      We need neither McCarthyism (aka agents provocateurs) or communist sympathizers, both extremes of which tend to bring out the other. I don t think it is a
      Message 2 of 25 , Jan 2, 2007
        We need neither McCarthyism (aka agents provocateurs) or communist
        sympathizers, both extremes of which tend to bring out the other.

        I don't think it is a phenomenon of personal stereotype. I think it is
        a phenomenon that grows out of the divisive use of lies such as have
        been sprinkled into our ears by the MP.

        That has been the purpose of that organization since it gave itself to
        the Soviets.
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