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[orthodox-synod] Serbia Info Pope John Paul II gets files on Kosovo-Metohija

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  • Nikolaj
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2000
      > Pope John Paul II gets files on Kosovo-Metohija
      > March 10, 2000
      > ROME, March 9 (Tanjug) - An Italian institute director has
      > briefed the Pope on the dramatic situation in province of
      > Kosovo-Metohija and submitted to the Pontiff voluminous files
      > on the subject.
      > The files offer evidence of the unlawful and criminal nature of
      > NATO's aggression on Yugoslavia last spring and the terrorism
      > of the ethnic Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA),
      > practiced against the local Serbs with the international KFor
      > force's blessing.
      > Osservatorio di Milano public opinion research institute
      > Director Massimo Todisco told Pope John Paul II that ethnic
      > Albanian terrorists were continuing the savage job, begun by
      > NATO bombers, of demolishing Christian churches and
      > monasteries in Kosovo-Metohija.
      > Todisco urged the Pontiff to study the files carefully and do all
      > in his power to curb the anti-Serb terrorism and desecration of
      > Christian holy shrines in Kosovo-Metohija and lift the
      > international embargo against Serbia.
      > Stressing that opposition to NATO's anti-Yugoslav aggression
      > and bombing campaign had written one of the most glorious
      > pages in the history of the Holy See, Todesco asked the Pope
      > to remain faithful to this position and publicly to denounce the
      > criminal policy towards Kosovo-Metohija and the embargo
      > against Serbia, and show solidarity with the Serbian people.
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