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[orthodox-synod] Mar 1 - Jericho - Wall bulldozed!

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  • Priest Seraphim Holland
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      Subject: Wall bulldozed!

      Today, March 1st, the Jericho situation has taken a dire turn. Sr.
      Maria relayed the following information:

      Instead of the providing free access to "our side" of the property, a
      new lock was placed on the gate closest to the trailer that Sr. Maria
      and two other nuns are occupying. Furthermore, instead of sealing the
      opening in the wall dividing the two parts of the property, the Russians
      bulldozed the wall entirely!

      This was called a "mistake" by the Palestinians, who promised to remove
      the lock and erect a divider between the two parts of the compound.

      Abbess Moissea saw MP mission head Theodosius enter a building with
      Daoud Matar, holding blueprints. We were told by the Palestinians that
      this was to determine where to erect the new dividing wall. Clearly, any
      new "dividing wall" will surround the trailer and cut it off from the
      chapel and Fr. Tikhon's apartment, along with the rest of the garden.

      Nicholas Ohotin

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