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Pastoral Epistle of His Grace, Archbishop Alypy

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    DIOCESE OF CHICAGO AND DETROIT: November 2, 2006 Archpastoral Epistle from Archbishop Alypy of Chicago and Detroit to the Participants of the Diocesan
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2006
      DIOCESE OF CHICAGO AND DETROIT: November 2, 2006
      Archpastoral Epistle from Archbishop Alypy of Chicago and Detroit to the Participants of
      the Diocesan Conference in Oklahoma City

      Your Grace Bishop Peter! Dear in the Lord Reverend Rectors of the Parishes of the Diocese
      of Chicago and Detroit!

      I greet all of you who are gathered here to discuss the often challenging circumstances of
      both parish and diocesan life.

      Such a gathering of clergy occurs with common prayer, and culminates in the Divine
      Liturgy, so that the Grace of God will accompany our work, and so that its outcome will be
      peaceful and successful.

      Unfortunately I cannot be with you because of my physical ailments, but in spirit I am with

      The common prayer of the Church has a great significance in the lives of our flock because
      in it both the saints of the Church Triumphant and the Lord Himself are present, as He
      Himself promised: "Where two or three are gathered together in My name, there I will be."
      This is why it is imperative that our pastors conduct the Divine Services with utmost care.

      For over 70 years in the churches of the diaspora we have prayed that God deliver our
      country from the godless authority and our Orthodox Church from cruel persecution. After
      the glorification of the New Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian land, the Soviet regime
      finally began to crumble and fell apart several years later. This happened without any
      bloodshed, and in this we see the hand of God.

      The newly-liberated Russian Church began to heal the many wounds inflicted by decades
      of persecutions and the interference of the atheist government in the inner life of the
      Church. Tens of thousands of churches and hundreds of monasteries have either been
      rebuilt or are being restored upon their old foundations or from semi-demolished church

      This reconstruction effort has been going on for the past 16 years. Many monasteries have
      started from nothing. Let us take Optina Monastery as an example. People began to flock
      there in the 1990s seeking monastic life or simply to labor for the glory of God. The
      monastery was sanctified by the blood of martyrs. A satanist killed three monks:
      Hieromonk Basil, monk Therapont, and monk Trofim. This happened on Pascha after the
      service and the festal meal. God received this sacrifice as shown by the multitude of
      miracles and healings which have occurred after prayers at their graves.

      The time has come to unite our labors in Christ's vineyard for the salvation of the Russian
      people. Our First Hierarch, Metropolitan Laurus, understood this several years ago. Along
      with our other hierarchs, he laid the groundwork for the healing of the ecclesiastical
      division. Several commissions were formed during this time. I find their work very
      satisfactory, since they laid the groundwork for the successful work of the IV All-Diaspora
      Council and the subsequent Council of Bishops. Both these Councils have affirmed that the
      time has come for reconciliation in the Russian Church.

      I call upon you, dear fathers and brothers, to support our Metropolitan and all our
      hierarchy in the holy task of healing the wounds of division on the body of our Russian
      Church. I wish you every success in your labors under the guidance of His Grace Bishop
      Peter at the conference to address issues of local church life in your parishes, as well as on
      the diocesan level.

      May the Lord bless your pastoral work.

      Archbishop Alypy
      13/26 October, 2006
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