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Fwd: [orthodox-synod] Re: Greetings with the Feast, *Without* Bitterness

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  • Basil Yakimov
    Dear Elizabeth this is what I meant to send but i stayed to long - it is now 3 am & I should have been in bed a long time ago but I am indeed a cossack from
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2006
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      Dear Elizabeth this is what I meant to send but i stayed to long - it is now 3 am & I should have been in bed a long time ago but I am indeed a cossack from Zaibaikl.. forgive for being trigger happy before it was ready...

      "Fr John forgive me but you must be so hell bent in defending
      everything pro soviet MP that you forget that some of us ndeed
      are loyal to the true ROCA - principles & ideals bu tmay once in a
      while we have a lighter side!

      You have been recognised as a delegate of the recent SOBOR (at
      least on our SYNOD website) - so maybe I should be as well recognised as one & I will - be indeed one of those 72 out of 124 delegates that had written a recent petition to His Eminence Metrpolitan Laurus (or who would have voted at any stage against any False unification with the post soviet MP).

      We (the delegates) never approved any AKT nor did the subsequent SOBOR of
      BISHOPS - at that time of the last day in the SOBOR session I was sitting in St John's chair in his Keliya & praying for ROCA not to be split assunder as the current post soviet MP is still pro sergianist & pro ecumenist.

      When the SOBOR finished & the mood of the delegates indeed changed... there is no good or bad sergainist or ecuminist nor communist - all of them are loyal
      to their master ..... but not to Holy Russia or our Holy Church & it seems that the post soviet MP says that their is indeed good ecumenism, etc .. need I
      say more. It seems Vladyka Evtihy had loyalty at the SOBOR but his
      loyalty was indeed only for the first few days at the SOBOR & when we had meetings with him in the Hotel & with as many as 80 other delegates & I indeed liked him at the SOBOR - now many, even in his diocese, are leaving him for the post soviet MP direct, Vl. Agafangel or elsewhere.. shame on the ROCA dialogue comittee that this dialogue has brought disunity... & eventual schism..

      Real ROCA will always remain loyal to Metrpolitans Anthony, Anastassy, Philaret & now newly reposed Metrpolitan Vitaly. Even in this eleventh hour it is no to late to avert a catastrophe in ROCA...

      The recent minister of tobaco & other things, Kyrill
      Metropolitan of the MP has just said that the MP will increase their
      representation at the WCC no matter WHAT. I hope all of those
      that participated in trigering this False union have a conscience
      for the devisions you have indeed caused will be you downfall in
      front of our Lord Jesus Christ!

      Lord forgive us all! Make us indeed loyal sons of the True Church as
      we are in ROCA!

      I am indeed ROCA BASIL..unworthy as I am a true son of our Church & Holy Russia... indeed forgive me all for my early draft & I hope no prepared draft again will escape me before I am ready to send... forgive me for any spelling errors etc...

      Should this too not make sense that indeed I should go to bed!

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