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      THE RUDDER on CD
      Please respond to

      Dear Friends
      I just recived joyous news that my dear friend Ralph M.acomplished his
      extensive work on translation of the Rudder- Pedalion therefore this
      precious material -bonemarrow of the guidance in the Church life-laws and
      rules is now available in new revised English translation.

      All good from good Lord
      Rab Bozii Stefan-Igor

      Available Now! Price only $99.95

      THE RUDDER on CD

      After many years, this newly revised and translated RUDDER, with all
      extraneous texts purged, is available on CD. But that is not all, it is
      thoroughly indexed and even more, it is thoroughly hyperlinked. Hyperlinks
      lead the user to whatever is in the RUDDER. Synods, both ecumenical and
      regional, and many Holy Fathers, all approved by at least one ecumenical
      synod. Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Readers, Theologians, Professors, and
      simply interested people, will find this CD an extremely rich source of our
      Holy Orthodox Faith.



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      of the



      Copyright 2006

      Also the Topical Index is unique, and though a great effort, the result
      made it well worth it. From A to Z every item in every topic is hyperlinked
      directly to the text being sought. It is important for those who know in
      the way of a reminder, and those who do not know, that the Rudder is
      derived from God-inspired Synods, therefore deep reverence is due this
      work. Insulting or deriding the Canons reflect directly on the Holy Spirit
      who guided their formulation. In the Rudder you will hear the Apostles
      themselves warn that those who scorn or mock the sacred Canons place
      themselves under severe penalties. The Canons also answer where grace is
      and where it is not. Being the revision Editor, I, Ralph J. Masterjohn
      testify to you all before God:, that I have not intentionally changed,
      added or subtracted anything that belongs to this RUDDER, faithfully
      abiding by the original Greek text. After reading the various introductions
      and my editorial comments, the text of the RUDDER, as in the original Greek
      is the only thing that follows. I would be very appreciative for any
      comments, corrections, suggestions, that anyone may offer.

      Please send to Ralph J. Masterjohn PO Box 283 West Brookfield, MA 01585.

      Published by the


      PO Box 287 West Brookfield, MA 01585

      Tel. 508 867-8340 E-mail RMOrthodox@...

      Bookstores, Churches, Monasteries, etc. contact us for quantity discount

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