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[orthodox-synod] Fwd: Scandal for Orthodoxy in Portugal

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  • intrprtr@prodigy.net
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2000
      > Tomorrow, Wednesday 2nd January 2000, there will be inaugurated a new
      > basilica in Torres Novas, north of Lisbon. In attendance will be,
      > according the the information we have received, bishops from the Churches
      > of Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and from OCA. This huge building is
      > owned by a group called the "Igreja Catolica Apostolica Ortodoxa de
      > Portugal", a sect begun by the later Metropolitan (Joao) Gabriel, a
      > cleric who was excommunicated from ROCOR, was re-ordained by Auxentius of
      > Athens, thereafter part of the Synod of Milan. This group managed to
      > achieve canonicity through an agreement with the Orthodox Church in
      > Poland in 1990 and is now led by Metropolitan Joao.
      > The scandal is not, of course, the reception of a non-canonical group
      > into the plenitude of Orthodoxy. The scandal is what they do not tell to
      > the world outside. The true leader of this sect is a lady known as "A
      > Santa da Ladeira", who was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church
      > many years ago and subjected in the early 1970s to psychological
      > examination which found her to be profoundly schizophrenic. Charges of
      > fraud were also to be brought against her but this did not happen with
      > the chaos of the 1974 Revolution.
      > She was subsequently adopted by Joao Gabriel and later elevated to be an
      > "abbess", though she is married, with results that may be seen in a
      > series of photographs I have in my possession and which have been
      > forwarded to various competent authorities. They show:
      > 1. This lady seated on a special throne in the church;
      > 2. An "Orthodox" bishop holding up a RC host in a monstrance, this being
      > adored by the "Santa" and the other clergy;
      > 3. The "Santa", in the regalia of an abbess,with her husband and an
      > "Orthodox" bishop in the church;
      > 4. An earlier photograph showing her as the "reincarnation" of the
      > Mother of God;
      > 5. The "Santa" kissing a RC host, behind which appears a strange stain
      > on the photograph, apparently not present on the film, which is claimed
      > to be the bread of the Orthodox Eucharist and therefore to represent the
      > union of the Roman and Orthodox Churches, of which the new basilica is
      > symbolic;
      > 6. Earlier photographs of her with stigmata - this was the time at which
      > she was held for fraud and psychological examination.
      > On the front of the basilica is an engraved colour picture of the
      > "Santa" and her husband. There can be no doubt as to the link between
      > these "Orthodox" and this offensive phenomenon. All this will be widely
      > covered in the newspapers and on the television. Whatever political or
      > other factors have prevented the hierarchies of the various churches from
      > realizing the gravity of this situation, it seems to us, the Greek
      > Orthodox here, that we have been abandoned. My priest, having spent the
      > whole of yesterday telephoning to the Embassies of the various countries,
      > is exhausted and depressed. Is this, he is asking, the Orthodoxy I have
      > spent my life here trying to protect and promote?
      > This is, of course, not an official communication. I am merely posting
      > it to various persons, clergy and lay, in the interests of making this
      > known. If anyone requires any further information, please feel free to
      > contact me. Your prayers are also asked for.
      > In Christ,
      > Ivan Moody
      > Ieropsaltis, Greek Orthodox Church, Lisbon, Portugal
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