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[orthodox-synod] Re: Snow in Jerusalem

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  • Robert Miller
    Going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, on an Egged bus for example, and as is referenced in accounts of Our Savior s life, passing on your right the Inn of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2000
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      Going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, on an Egged bus for example, and as
      is referenced in accounts of Our Savior's life,
      passing on your right the Inn of the Good Samaritan and your left the Wadi
      in which inheres the Monastery of St George
      the Chozevite, you will find yourself in a very different climate
      at the bottom. It would be surprising if any snow fell in Jericho. Of
      course snow in Jerusalem was quite a surprise, too.
      Of course having two American nuns defending the property of the Russian
      Orthodox Church Abroad is quite a surprise, too.
      Surely much humility and much prayer is in order.

      Jos M

      > From: LJames6034@...
      > To: orthodox-synod@egroups.com
      > Subject: [orthodox-synod] Snow in Jerusalem
      > Date: Sunday, January 30, 2000 9:15 AM
      > A foot and a half of snow has fallen on Jerusalem. I know that, because
      > local paper (we only have one) published a front page picture of someone
      > it characterized as "an ulta-Orthodox Jew," pushing a car, to try to get
      > out of the snow bank.
      > I could not help but think of Sisters Maria and Xenia, in an unheated
      > with blankets supplied by the US Government. While I believe no harm
      > come to them, still: Their situation is not the best.
      > I wonder if the papers in Jerusalem have taken any notice of Sts. Maria
      > Xenia, and, would they be described as "ulta-Orthodox Christians"?
      > I always thought that "Orthodox," like "unique," is not amenable to
      > adjectives or superlatives. Each is ne plus ultra. Having achieved
      > highest degree ("We have found the True Faith. . . ") how can anything be

      > added to that?
      > Nevertheless, we should continue to remember the nuns in our prayers, to
      > God to change the heart of those who are doing wickedness. Apparently
      > Moscow Patriarchate believes the American bumper sticker which holds
      > "The one who dies with the most stuff, wins."
      > I have EMail the president of the USA, several times, concerning Sister
      > Maria, and I have forwarded to him messages which appeared on the List.
      > always, there is only the autoresponse.
      > Politicians (around the world) could all subscribe to a saying
      attributed to
      > Frederick the Great, king of Prussia: "My people and I have come to an
      > agreement, which suits us both. They may say anything they please, and
      > get to do anything I please."
      > Father Andrew (L. J. James, Ph.D.) in Ohio
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