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"the spirit" in which we act

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  • interestedplus
    I am dissappointed with the tone of some of the letters in this forum. Discussions of issues that cause disagreements are only of value if people show due
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2006
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      I am dissappointed with the "tone" of some of the letters in this
      forum. Discussions of issues that cause disagreements are only of
      value if people show due respect, and at no stage attack the person
      making comments that they themselves find silly/offensive/whatever.
      At a time when we (ROCA), find ourselves in a dangerous (to some)
      and at least difficult (to others) time - let us not forget
      the "spirit" that should reign in out hearts.

      The most compelling arguments for me, as one of the flock who is
      VERY concerned with unia with the MP - AT THIS POINT IN TIME - are
      the "wordly" reasons given by the pro-union agents, and their "new-
      age" idea of brotherly Love. During lectures and public discussions
      in Sydney I have been witness to the humanist note of "loving all"-
      including our fellows in the MP, Archbishop Sergius (the one who 1st
      officially compromised with the world), etc while showing contempt
      for those parishioners gathered in the same hall (love humanity and
      hate your neighbour stuff).

      More and more I realise that we all follow a spirit, and just gather
      rational arguments (best case) or just any old argument to justify
      our orientation. Let us more and more "test the spirits" - all who
      are baptised should be able to do so with humble hearts. If our
      choice of "camp" on an issue would cause us personal hardship -
      would we still follow this out of love for our Lord Jesus Christ?
      Are we out to "save the Church" because rationally we see our
      parishes diminishing in size and stength? So are we following in
      Archbishops Sergious spirit of damning ourselves to "save" our
      Church? If so we are forgetting that Our Lord has taken that job
      upon Himself and told us to worry about our own salvation. How many
      of our Holy Fathers have made the point that for every one who works
      on his own salvation many around them are also saved?

      So I have a question to all the clergy, who may be thinking or have
      decided to join with the MP (Eucharistically) should they be
      formally instructed to do so by our Synod. As pastors you have the
      added responsibility of your flocks' salvation. Some of your oldest
      (often now fragile) parishioners, and many of the most fervent
      believers in many parishes will not obey such a directive. I've read
      and heard clergy state (just a touch more politely) "to hell with
      them - they deserve no better if they disobey". I'm sure the
      situation is worrying all true pastors in our Church. I understand
      the reasons why I and others cannot in faithfullness to Our Lord
      Jesus Christ join the MP now. I'd really like to understand the
      spiritual reasons for guiding those who may choose this new path.


      chado Otza Timofeia
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