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Re: [orthodox-rocor] Re: [orthodox-synod] "Enemies of the Church" lists

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    Shame on her. She should have written, Fr. Anthony ??vich, woops, you didn t give that did you? How does that go now? By what measure you mete it out by
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2006
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      Shame on her. She should have written, "Fr. Anthony ??vich, woops, you didn't give that did you?"

      How does that go now? By what measure you mete it out by such measure it shall be meted unto you.
      It's interesting how Roman mentality has crept into Orthodoxy. A proper move in chess would be to attack in a different direction if your opponent is too close however, it's difficult to do when both bishops are inoperative.

      A matter of interest is the fact a previous bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church in America became quite a womanizer. He was defrocked however, a local congregation in Columbus, Ohio kept him as their bishop creating a division which might include priests who would be considered enemies of the church. They have become Macedonian Orthodox.

      There was at a time in Columbus' West side (I believe it was on Mound Street) a self appointed bishop who gave me a tour of his (church?) The church name was used to promote bingo. There was also a (church?) on the East side of Columbus (South Hamilton Road, South of Broad) used for the same purpose. These clearly would be considered enemies of the church.

      Jéan-Claude Williams, GOA
      Columbus, Ohio

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      From: Fr. Anthony Nelson
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      Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 12:53 PM
      Subject: Re: [orthodox-rocor] Re: [orthodox-synod] "Enemies of the Church" lists

      "Theodora Wright" <theomtn@...> wrote:

      >I see that you and Fr. Nelson and others feel that this is no
      >problem and should not have been questioned.

      Well, *I* see that Theodora is still doing *exactly* what she has
      complained about (falsely, I add): others making "assumptions."

      I made absolutely no comment in my previous message which could be
      expected to be interpreted as agreeing with or disagreeing with the
      "Enemies of the Church" idea that so seemed to upset her (by the way,
      does she call all Orthodox Priests by their family names instead of
      their Christian names?).

      So she made another assumption of her own by not understanding what I
      wrote, just as she made an unwarranted assumption by not
      understanding what Fr. John wrote, and made unkind comments as a
      result of that lack of understanding.

      >I did not personally attack anyone and am saddened to see that a
      >Priest, not you, would do so

      I wonder if she read her own email or understands what she wrote any
      more clearly than she does those which she clearly does *not* understand.

      For the record: it's nobody's business what I think about a "Church
      Enemies List" ... except that it's a real hoot that there seems to
      exist an attitude that sees it as some terrible evil. Wow! Talk about
      too much time on one's hands...

      Fr. Anthony

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      Fr. Anthony Nelson
      St. Benedict Russian Orthodox Church
      Oklahoma City, OK USA 405-672-1441

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