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[orthodox-synod] Fr.Lebedeff's Love, Compassion and Mercy

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    Fr. Lebedeff, you write, that strict observance to rules of piety and fasting are only part of what is an Orthodox Christian. St. Seraphim of Sarov, on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 1999
      Fr. Lebedeff, you write, that strict observance to rules of piety and
      fasting are only part of what is an Orthodox Christian. St. Seraphim of
      Sarov, on the other hand, said very plainly: If you do not follow the fasts,
      you are not Orthodox. As you know, Father, in the Orthodox Church we
      prostrate, unlike in the West, which stands on its knees. Thus it is not
      surprising when we read that Metropolitan Anthony Khrapovitsky, turned to
      the people who were on their knees during the Cherubic Hymn and said: Why
      are you standing like cats? What is sad is our priests don't teach us.
      Teach us about our Faith, we can read about politics in the newspapers.

      You write, Matthewites/Panteleimonites/Fundamentalists/Catacombers are all
      defined not by their caring for the Orthodox faith, but primarily by their
      hatred for the New calendarists and the Moscow Patriarchate. WHOSE
      DEFINITION are you quoting? I never heard anyone say this other than the
      embittered few, who have animosity for anyone or several of the above

      You yourself may have read how the New Calendarists with police would enter
      an Old Calendarists' Church, spill their communion from the chalice and
      trample on it, beat the priests, shave them and put them into jail. Also,
      torture and imprison the people and force them to accept the new calendar. I
      can almost understand why Old Calendarists some of whom may even hate the
      New Calendarists because of this. It is the same as to love the KGB who
      beat and torture. My grandparents remember well and feared the Soviet
      priests who were informers to the authorities. In fact, recently I met a
      young Russian woman from Italy who was looking for a church. When I asked
      her what church she is attending in Italy, she said: "Any church, but the
      Moscow Patriarchate for I know what they are all about."

      So if I use Logic 101, based on your premises: Matthewites/Panteleimonites/
      Fundamentalists/ Catacombers, because they do not give communion or serve
      with New Calendarists, Moscow Patriarchate and Serbian Church, they have no
      love, mercy or compassion. But if one serves with these churches, then,
      they have love, mercy or compassion of which, evidently, you are full of.

      Our Saviour talked with the Samaritan woman, showed her mercy, love and
      compassion, but he did not go to pray with her at their place of worship.
      Bringing up the Pharisees and the fasts - this argument the Baptists cite
      when they accuse the Orthodox. Apostle Paul teaches that women should cover
      their heads, but we in ROCA don't -- it is for the simple folks, we are
      educated, we know better.

      From the posts which you and I read, Fr. Azkoul must be a "Panteleimonite".
      Then according to you, Fr. Lebedeff, "He is a Pharisee, or someone who has
      a lot of hatred for the New Calendarists, OCA, and Moscow Patriarchate."
      Yet, in all of his posts he is very kind and respectful. He cites the
      canons of the Church, his explanations are clear, and I thank him for them.
      He writes as a concerned Christian and not with judgement. How does that
      explain your strong condemnation of such as he?

      Yes, the Old Calendar Church certainly has many jurisdictions, but we,
      Russians, are not too far behind. We have: Moscow Patriarchate, Old
      Believers, ROCA, OCA, Paris Exarchate, Russian Free Church, Catacomb Church,
      Russians under Old Calendar Bishops. You see, we have splintered much

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