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Re: [orthodox-synod] Members of the Anti Rabbit League are still in search of answers.

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    XPICTOC BOCKPECE!!! ... JRS: There was also no Russian communist party : but only parties for all the other republics and ethnic groups. They seemed to be
    Message 1 of 7 , May 3, 2006

      > Vova: Actually they [the USSR] already had three votes representing the Union of
      > Soviet Socialist Republics. (USSR, BSSR, and UkSSR) Please note that
      > the "Russians" were once again not represented.

      JRS: There was also no "Russian communist party": but only parties for all the other republics and ethnic groups. They seemed to be afraid of Russian nationalism...

      > Now back to a real question. Yes I have read Patriarch
      > Alexy's "repentance statement," but the wording was that of a
      > true "wordsmith" (note: I did not call him any other names).

      JRS: That in itself is a significant point. As you may have noticed, Peter Bushunow does not believe that such a statement ever existed. You are thus a witness to it, and have said so twice.

      Thank you for supporting my point on that.

      > I also think it may be an indicator
      > that with him holding the position "Patriarch, the Churches should
      > continue to talk and may be allow concelebrating of priests but not
      > of/or with Bishops at this time.

      JRS: Either we are in communion, or we are not. If we are, then in theory any clergy of ROCOR and the MP could concelebrate, if they so chose.

      After the ordination of a deacon for ROCOR by an MP bishop, in practice there has already been a concelebration with a bishop of the MP.

      > I am also of the opinion that until
      > such time that the current Patriarch (or any future one that was
      > directly associated with the country's security and intelligence
      > services) sets an example by confessing to his/their direct
      > association we should not consider commemorating him.

      JRS: For what it's worth, I have commemorated the Patriarch of Moscow (as did St. John Maximovitch) at the Proskomedia, ever since I have been a priest (30 years and more now, starting back in NJ).

      When, in 1990, Patriarch Pimen died, I intoned "Vechmaya pamyat" for him at the end of a Sunday Liturgy in our Chicago cathedral. The choir sang "Vechnaya pamyat", and there were no complaints that I ever heard of, then or afterward.

      > These are my opinions and as I stated earlier I hope that you will
      > provide me with your thoughts/guidance as part of our ongoing
      > discussion.

      > Father John: That [removing delegates for their views] has not been the case in this Diocese.

      > Vova: I am glad to hear you say that. I am also glad to see that you
      > restricted it to only the Diocese you serve in.

      JRS: I didn't really restrict it, but I have no direct knowledge of anything else.

      > However, it appears
      > that at least one such attempt was made at the highest levels of our
      > Church.

      JRS: As I understood it, the idea was that an American ambassador would have a conflict of interests. But in the end, they decided to let it go.

      > My answer to that
      > absurd question/comment was and is, "Who cares!!!???"

      JRS: There are a slew of questions that I would prefer to answer in the same words. However, we have had complaints about "non-answers", so I refrain from saying that.

      > I am left wondering if the
      > persons that made false accusations will ask for forgiveness from the
      > victims of those false insinuations and accusations?

      JRS: There have been a lot of false accusations going around, including false accusations of making false accusations, on several sides. My advice: don't hold your breath waiting...

      > Father John please except my apology for placing so many
      > questions/issues before your trip.

      JRS: There will be plenty of questions/issues on the trip, too. They never end, at least in this life.

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
      CoreComm Webmail.

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