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Re: [orthodox-synod] Safely home now

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  • DDD
    Dear Michael, May God speed your recovery! Thank you for the news--you have been in my prayers and I m sure everyone s since you told us. That *would be*
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 9, 2006
      Dear Michael,

      May God speed your recovery! Thank you for the news--you have been in my prayers and I'm sure everyone's since you told us. That *would be* harrowing, having someone die next to you--but glad at least it wasn't you! Please keep us posted and wishing you a joyous and blessed Pascha--even if it is at home. Will someone be able to bring you Holy Communion?

      In Christ,
      Dimitra Dwelley, Boston

      Michael Malloy wrote:
      Dear Synod friends,

      Thank you to all who offered prayers and support for my back surgery.
      I had my prayer book and two icons with me after surgery (Jordanville
      - of course, and St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco & St. George
      the Great Martyr). I prayed as often as I could.

      The experience of being in a hospital is nothing I would wish on
      anyone. Perhaps it is just me, but I did not do well in the cramped
      and very noisy surroundings. The sounds of dozens of machines and
      computers was combined with the talking by staff other patients and
      their visitors to make a sound landscape that wasn't very pleasant.
      I'm not keen on the smells either.

      The most harrowing part of the whole experience was when the man next
      to me in a recovery room died. He wasn't Orthodox and expressed no
      choice for religious preference. I prayed to St. Varus for him.

      My surgery went well according to my doctor. He removed the disc at
      L-2/3 and did a partial "laminectomy" to relieve pressure from one
      vertebra on the spinal cord. He did not fuse the discs at this time. I
      was up and walking on the second day and progress has truly been
      "exponential" every day since. I came home Thursday night and I'm now
      walking without a walker...very carefully.

      I won't be riding a car anywhere soon and I will likely miss Pascha
      this year. I have my faith and I have the best friends and
      acquaintances in the world helping me. I am so grateful to all for
      your prayers!

      In Christ,

      Michael Malloy
      Columbus (bed bound, sort of) / will worship again when able in Cincinnati
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