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Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Fw: Priest apprehended in Saudi Arabia

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    ... JRS: I wasn t aware I was avoiding anything. Perhaps I misunderstood what you were looking for in a reply. ... JRS: Without going back to look up the exact
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 8, 2006
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      Vova Lutchenkov wrote:

      > Wow!
      > That must have been the best avoidance of answering a simple question
      > that I have seen on this list to date!

      JRS: I wasn't aware I was avoiding anything. Perhaps I misunderstood what you were looking
      for in a reply.

      > Since you did not respond directly to my inquiry it appears that we
      > should not be concerned about orthodox folks that are not in the MP
      > or ROCOR.

      JRS: Without going back to look up the exact wording, I understood your question as being:
      "Should we not be as concerned about our fellow Orthodox Christians, as about some
      Malankara (Syriac rite) Catholics in trouble in Saudi Arabia?"

      So my first point is that I was concerned, primarily, with the fact that Christianity is
      punishable (by death) in Saudi Arabia. I forwarded the posting, written by someone else, for
      that reason.

      Perhaps I should not have forwarded that message at all. I was not thinking of the situation
      in Russia when I forwarded it.

      But: "Should we pray for the Suzdalites who lost a church building to the MP?"

      We should pray for everyone, and I myself do not pray "that" something happen, but only
      "pomyani Gospodi..." with names.

      Of course, I don't know the names of any of these (in my view, misdirected) Suzdalites.

      > By the way was
      > this action taken by the same group of hierarchs that told our Synod
      > that property issues/claims around the world including Russia have
      > been tabled for now or at least till the end of the Sobor?

      JRS: As I understand it, the decision (it may only have been a proposal) to "table" three points
      for a "grace period" did not come from either hierarchy (ROCOR or MP), but from the bilateral
      commissions that have been discussing these things.

      There were 3 points on which the committees were having difficulty reaching a consensus,
      and the idea was that leaving them open, for now, may allow them to sort themselves out.

      > Ah, I am so looking forward to "Peace in our time."

      JRS: Don't hold your breath.

      > And as a response to Father John's selective cut and paste Vova
      > responds with:

      > Vova: Now we are concerned about an impartial source. What about
      > the source that Father Alexander used back in November of 2005 to
      > launch what appears now to be a failed attempt at "disinformatsiya'.

      JRS: I don't have time to research that and try to find out what you mean.

      But I am concerned, when intelligent people take a biased source for an unbiased one.

      Previously (but mostly on other lists) I have been accused of "not answering the question",
      and the like; which meant that someone held to an entirely different view of a given
      ecclesiastical situation than I did.

      Mostly, these were followers of HOCNA. But more recently, it seems like the "alternative
      reality" is the one put forward by "Nasha Strana", by "Russia-Talk", and similar sources. These
      sources often give an incredibly distorted view of the situation in Russia and in the Russian
      Orthodox Church.

      > PS. Recent information has revealed that she was not Persian but
      > Georgian. Most likely already orthodox and from a civilization more
      > ancient and civilized than those Don Cossacks.

      JRS: Such information must have come from links in Russia.

      I am wondering if you recognize yet, whom you've been corresponding with? We go back a
      long way...

      Perhaps you remember our talks about the Cossacks, 30+ years ago? About the

      A lot was different then.

      As for spelling of names, I have made numerous efforts to get them to spell Dima's name
      correctly in the Sobor listings.

      They had it down first as "Lushchenko", then "Lutschenkov", and it was only after a ZABA.com
      search, that I was even sure who it was.

      Bishop Peter (also a Cossack) had heard that Dima was pro-reconciliation. But who knows:
      one Cossack trait is a kind of mischievous playfulness, almost of "playing the devil's

      Vladyka Nikon predicted that one day, communism would fall, ROCOR and the Church in
      Russia would reunite (and that the center would again be in Russia), and the monarchy

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
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