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The Tragedy of Kosovo

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  • Bojan Mitich
    The Tragedy of Kosovo by Theodoros Georgiou Karakostas Byzantine Cultural Project There is a superb DVD that is available entitled, Days Made of Fear . It is
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      The Tragedy of Kosovo
      Theodoros Georgiou Karakostas
      Byzantine Cultural Project

      There is a superb DVD that is available entitled, "Days Made of Fear". It is a must view for all Orthodox Christians. It is about the plight of the Serbian Orthodox faithful in Kosovo. Eight small documentaries focusing on various aspects of the ethnic cleansing campaign against the Serbs since 1998 have been produced.

      The footage of ravaged and destroyed Serbian Churches and Monasteries is appalling. The DVD is a shocking affirmation that the American television Networks such as CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the others are all lined up with the foreign policy establishment and are active practitioners of official censorship.

      I cannot recall seeing any of the horrifying footage on this DVD on American television. Maybe I do not adequately monitor television news, but I doubt whether CNN has ever extended any coverage to the killings of Serbs. There is plenty of footage of Serbian men, women, and children who are confined in their own villages for their own safety. They cannot even go out by themselves without "peacekeepers" to get supplies for fear they will be killed by Albanian militants.

      Their are images of Churches and Monasteries that stood in 2002 or 2001, and there are more recent images to show that those same houses of worship exist no more. Serbs are interviewed and tell of their heartbreaking experiences. There is, for example, footage of a Serbian mother and family at the funeral of her schoolteacher son who was murdered simply because he was a Serb. Numerous Orthodox Churches are desecrated with the initials for the Kosovo Liberation Army.

      Desecrated Cemeteries are depicted, and there are scenes of Serbian priests holding services and giving communion outdoors because the Churches have been burned to the ground. There is other footage of Serbian Nuns returning to their Nunnery which has been destroyed. There are many touching and heartfelt scenes of Serbian children playing games and attending school, trying to live a normal life under catastrophic conditions.

      All this of course is not going to be shown on American television. The same US media which continues to attack the Bush administration for lying about the
      Iraq war, continues to give Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Richard Holbrooke, Wesley Clark, and Samuel Berger a pass for their destructive war on Serbia. We should remember also that at the last Democratic National Convention in Boston two years ago, one of the top KLA men was an honored guest of John Kerry.

      The same US media which was appalled by the Taliban's destruction of the 2000 year old Buddhist statues has nothing to say about the remarkable Serbian
      Orthodox Churches and Monasteries which have stood since the period preceding the Ottoman conquests, and which are being systematically destroyed. There are most interesting interviews with Kosovo Bishop Artemiye, Father Savva Janic, and other Priests, Monks, and Nuns who discuss the problems of the Kosovo Serbs.

      There is footage depicting the efforts of the Church in Kosovo to survive despite the horrors. There is footage of new Monks being tonsured, and there is a
      superb documentary about the Decani Monastery. This DVD should be seen by all Orthodox Christians, especially Greeks. The scenes of destroyed Churches
      bear a strong resemblance to the Greek Churches of Turkish occupied Cyprus.

      This DVD proves how morally, politically, and intellectually corrupt the American media and government have become. Their is a supposed war on terror when terrorists in Kosovo are systematically presiding over the complete destruction and genocide of an entire group of people. The Serbs of Kosovo have been forgotten by both the administration supposedly waging a war on terror, and by the imaginary opposition in the Democratic Party so obsessed with political correctness that it opposes all wars against Muslims, while ignorantly conducting an unjust war against Orthodox Christians.

      Indeed, it was the Democrats with their political correctness that eagerly bombed Serbia on Orthodox Easter, after they had earlier refused to bomb Iraq on
      Ramadan because they did not wish to offend the sensibilities of Muslims.

      There are horrible atrocities taking place in Kosovo today against the Serbian civilian population. There is an additional tragedy in that the American public is being denied this information.

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