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Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Who are the Pharisees???

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    ... JRS: Bog da blagoslovit raba svoego Vladimira! ... JRS: Well, since I m not the moderator, I can t address that. ... JRS: There were strong suspicions as
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 2, 2006
      Vova Lutchenkov wrote:

      > Father John Bless,

      JRS: Bog da blagoslovit raba svoego Vladimira!

      > Thank you for your response (#16316). Now a few quick points.

      > Vova:
      > the moderator could at least provide a statement saying that
      > reposting from this list without permission is frowned upon.
      > Hopefully some people may actually heed or better yet respect such
      > guidance especially when it comes from a priest. But not a single
      > member of the clergy so far has offered such wisdom.

      JRS: Well, since I'm not the moderator, I can't address that.

      > Vova: "Persons unknown"? Yet you state that the list was "only for
      > ROCOR clergy." For the info to get beyond the clergy it must have
      > been passed on by one of them. Shame on them/him! Wow! So what you
      > are telling us is that we have clergy that does not even respect
      > confidentiality within their own circle?

      JRS: There were strong suspicions as to who had done it, and if those suspicions were
      correct, then the culprit(s) left ROCOR and joined ROCiE (the Mansonville schism) soon

      Unfortunately, we cannot always trust even some of our fellow-clergy.

      > Vova:... It is amazing to
      > what extent people will go to sully not only another person but our
      > church to achieve their goals.

      JRS: Vot imenno!

      > Father John: The Gospel account of the scribes and Pharisees trying
      > to trap Christ in His words, often reminds me of similar behavior
      > seen on some of these lists: by the "zealots" who attack ROCOR or
      > ROCOR's policies.

      > Vova: Why restrict this accusation just to one side?

      JRS: Because I feel that the defenders of ROCOR have not usually been guilty of
      misrepresenting ROCOR-detractors' comments.

      On the other hand, many times I have written one thing, but had the "opponents" accuse me
      of saying something entirely different.

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
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