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Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: [paradosis] Stalin Museum To Open Soon in Russia

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  • Vladimir Kozyreff
    Dear Father John, Names have the right to be translated. We say Emperor Nicholas II , not Emperor Nikolay II . This is similar to a document viewed as an
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 22, 2006
      Dear Father John,

      Names have the right to be translated. We say "Emperor Nicholas II", not
      "Emperor Nikolay II". This is similar to a document viewed as an image or as
      a text. John, Jean and Ivan is the same name. Usually, names get translated
      when they refer to a person or a place belonging to general human culture.
      We say "Peter the Great", but he liked to call himself "Pieter" in the
      Ducth way. We do not say "Alexandros the Great". We say "Moscow", Rome, not
      Moskva or Roma. We say Met Sergius, Napoleon (not Napoleone). By the way,
      saying "Met Serghey" is inappropriate, as the Church uses the slavonic way,
      felt as more "torzhestvienniy" (majestuous).

      Joseph Stalin unfortunately infects the general culture and memory of
      mankind. It is a sad privilege to be associated with him, but some do not

      We do not translate Burkina Faso. Usually, the demand of not being
      translated comes from people that struggle with an identity difficulty or
      vulgar petty nationalism..

      Of course, there is no rule on the subject, and many names do not get
      translated, especially recent ones, because culture is fading away, and
      people do not know any longer that names are not sounds, but souls. St John
      is the same as St Jean or Sv Ioann. Often, people do not like to see their
      names translated, because they do not understand that in doing so, one
      enters the spiritual world and leaves the mere world of sounds. I remember a
      Flemish friend who insisted that his name was "Nick", and not Nicholas. Some
      people insist that their name is Dick, not Richard. Similarly Tony, Bill,
      Mimi, Lola etc.

      Bog s nimi.

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      > Regarding:
      >> The imminent opening of a museum devoted to Josef
      >> Stalin...
      > JRS: For what it's worth, there is no reason to write "Josef".
      > That is the German spelling of "Joseph". Stalin was known as "Iosif" in
      > Russian.
      > But who cares if there is a "Stalin museum"? The Orthodox Church is not
      > opening it.
      > In Christ
      > Fr. John R. Shaw
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