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RE: [orthodox-synod] Christ is Born! And a special request for prayers.

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  • Valentina Grigorieva
    Dear Fr. Gregory, bless! My prayers are with you! V. Grigorieva Fr. Gregory Williams a écrit : Christ is born! Glorious indeed
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 11, 2006
      Dear Fr. Gregory, bless! My prayers are with you! V. Grigorieva

      "Fr. Gregory Williams" <frgregory@...> a écrit : Christ is born! Glorious indeed is the feast.

      I feared I would have to keep it in the hospital -- serious deterioration of
      vision occurred in the latter part of last week. Thanks be to God, I missed
      only the Vigil Liturgy of the festal cycle, being forced to substitute an
      emergency visit to my surgeon.

      However, I will undergo corrective surgery on my left eye Wednesday: the
      buckle has migrated to a dangerous position and must be removed.

      Detachment of the retina in my right eye has progressed, and buckle/gas
      implant surgery for that is tentatively scheduled for next Monday.

      The alternative, of course, is complete blindness -- of which I'm afraid
      there is a substantial risk in any event.

      I beg your prayers, and your forbearance if I am unable to respond as
      promptly as I would like to any needs (particularly for those who have
      forgotten to order Liturgical Calendars!).

      In Christ Jesus,
      Fr. Gregory Williams

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