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Glory to God for all things

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  • James Buchfuehrer
    From: jmboof@netzero.com Subject: Date: January 6, 2006 1:55:49 PM PST January 4, 2006 The Holy and Glorious Seventy Apostles Dear brothers and sisters,
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      From: jmboof@...
      Date: January 6, 2006 1:55:49 PM PST

      January 4, 2006
      The Holy and Glorious Seventy Apostles

      Dear brothers and sisters,
      ������� The blessings of our Lord to you all!
      ������� Please remember Reader Leo Schommer in your prayers.� He had
      successful outpatient surgery on both his feet today and is resting at
      home.� He will be at home for at least a week recuperating, and he will
      not be very active for some time after that.� Thanks be to God for the
      successful procedure!

      ������� Also, forgive me, for I failed to pass along Mark and Tanya
      Dely's newborn son's name - John Theodore!� Many years!

      ������� The item appended below is very encouraging.� I have talked
      with Fr. Dragan who says, "I witnessed it with my own eyes."� I hope
      you will be touched by it.� Thanks be to God for His mercy!

      ������� Forgive me.
      ������� ������� ������� ������� ������� ������� Fr John Troy

      Glory to Jesus Christ!

      We want to let everyone know that a miracle has taken place in our
      small parish of St. George in North Canton, Ohio. We have a little 6
      year old girl in our parish, Mia Bogunovich, who had a very large and
      aggressive malignant tumor in her throat. This type of cancer is called
      rhabdomyosarcoma. The treatment protocol is complex, with a combination
      of chemotherapy and radiation and eventually the possibility of
      surgery. It also has horrible side effects. At one point the doctors
      had to stop treatments because she was so ill. She had lost a lot of
      weight, could no longer eat, was on an IV for feeding and was extremely
      weak. Her parents, David and Kelly, were fearful to have Mia come into
      contact with people because her system was severely compromised. If she
      caught a simple cold it could have devastating effects.

      With the blessing of our Bishop Mitrophan, it was at this time,
      relative to Mia�s treatment, the Wonderworking Icon of the Sitka Mother
      of God came to our parish. On the evening of the Akathist Service,
      November 9th, our small church was overflowing with over 300 people
      present to greet and venerate the holy icon. In spite of their
      concerns, Mia�s mother and father, along with her little sister Kirsten
      brought her that evening to venerate the Sitka Mother of God. Father
      Michael Oleksa, the priest from Alaska that accompanied the holy icon,
      wore a pectoral cross that holds the relics of three saints. Because
      Mia was very weak Father Michael invited Mia and her family to venerate
      the holy icon before the Akathist service. He then, with prayers,
      placed the pectoral cross on Mia�s throat. Popadija Kristina Tuba saw
      Mia moments after, as the family was leaving the church, and said her
      face was glowing.

      A couple of weeks later Protinica Mira and I went to see her at her
      home and were amazed at how well she looked. Her eyes were bright,
      there was color in her cheeks, her appetite had returned, she was very
      active and seemed so strong. We had our suspicions but said nothing.
      Two days after our visit Mia and her parents met with the team of
      doctors to assess her condition to see when they could continue with
      the treatment protocol. The MRI taken that morning showed no tumor. The
      tumor is completely gone! While the doctors were very restrained in
      their remarks it was clear they were extremely pleased and declared she
      is in �complete remission�!

      To say that her whole family is overjoyed and thankful to God and the
      Theotokos is an understatement! Our whole parish, who has been praying
      for her, is thankful as well and credits the Sitka Mother of God with
      this miracle!

      In Christ,

      Prota Dragan Filipovic
      December 21, 2005

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