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Armchair dreamers

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  • vkozyreff
    Dear List, In one of his late efforts to justify sergianism (Message 15262), Father Alexander recently quoted again Met Sergius. Not without foundation does
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2005
      Dear List,

      In one of his late efforts to justify sergianism (Message 15262),
      Father Alexander recently quoted again Met Sergius. "Not without
      foundation does the deputy locum tenens of the Patriarchal Throne say
      in his aforementioned Declaration that only "armchair dreamers can
      think that such a vast community as our Orthodox Church, with all its
      organization, can exist peacefully in a country while walling itself
      off from the authorities."

      If we accept this argument, and thus that the Catacomb Church was a
      myth, then let us consider what the MP was.

      Orthodox do not believe that grace flows magically through anyone who
      can prove "Apostolic Succession". Obviously, no real apostolic
      succession could take place in the framework of an organisation so
      tightly controlled by the bolshevik. The latter selected the
      candidates for priesthood and episcopate.

      The communist authorities even "trusted the MP" ("Agitator" N° 10,
      1989, journal of the CP of thr USSR — «Marshall Stalin trusts the
      Church", V.A. Alekseyev). The MP could do nothing that the Church was
      supposed to do. On the contrary, its bolshevik-elected hierarchs
      served the communist State. Some well-wishers may say that they were
      serving God also. We know from Christ that serving two masters is
      serving the evil one.

      In his book "The Canonical and Legal Position of the Moscow
      Patriarchate", Bishop Gregory of Washington and Florida (the
      Protopresbyter George Grabbe) writes: "it can be clearly perceived
      that the Moscow Patriarchate and its Synod are nothing but a fiction
      and a vast bluff" (p. 54).

      "The only matters with which they continue to concern themselves are:
      the ordination to the priesthood of candidates previously approved by
      the civil authorities and the carrying of relations, in compliance
      with the civil authorities, with other local orthodox churches and
      with churches of other confessions. These relations remain under the
      special supervision and actual administration of the soviet
      authorities who, as can be imagined, are not motivated by
      considerations of what is advantageous to the Church, but by
      consideration of political advantages to the State".

      As a conclusion, not without foundation, can we assert that only
      armchair dreamers can believe that an organisation created by Stalin
      to serve communism, so strictly controlled by him and aimed at
      fighting God could be considered as a canonical Church with apostolic

      Father Alexander asks when the MP ceased to be a Church. The question
      is that the MP never started being a Church.

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff
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